(H) Looking for raiding guild for MoP

Horde side mage and Spriest looking for raiding guild for MoP. We are transfer/reroll due to the boring nature of our old realm. We both have extensive raid experience. Mage from vanilla on, Spriest from BC on. Contact Lemonx or Malliss in game or through this post.
Replying as interested, I'll add you, and contact you in game.
bump! i'm the spriest in question, this is the only toon of my own that has any sort of meaningful progression. my raid group went 7/8 heroic DS but i bailed due to job scheduling changes. just figured i should switch mains for MoP (a ranged one, at that).
Hi Lemonx, we are currently in need for more casters for 25 man in MoP. Raid days are T/TH 8 ST. Visit friendzoneguild.com if interested and for more info.
Aren't you an ally guild?
Yes sir.
Bump cause we are horde side
bump! anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

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