Best MoP DPS spec ( for raids )

whats the current best DMG spec for hunters in mop?
At level 90, BM is currently simming the best both in Z's spreadsheet and in SimCraft. Assuming that fight mechanics do not unduly punish the spec, it will likely be the top raiding spec through the first tier of Mists. The mechanics upgrades for the spec, however, make it less likely that fight mechanics will gimp the spec.
over on BM is listed as #1 dps spec and their comment is #1 OVERALL dps spec.

if this is true, long live BM because i think it is the most 'pure' hunter spec and most unique playstyle. all that said, i didn't play beta so can't say first hand if that's true or not.
currently though, SV is going to stay on top. come lvl 90, BM will be better by margin I believe.
Surv Then BM at 90

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