HELP! Patch 5.0.4 ruined my game client!!

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I'm out too. No more wow for me. Can't afford a new graphics card. On the X1900 XT.

Sadly there are many easier to find articles that say our cards are supported or do not say.

And seeing that the issue isn't quite comprehensive (seeing as I can run around the city and fly and attack things) And most graphics aren't effected. I still wonder if there can be a fix for this chipset.
I hope they can fix this. :(
This sort of blows, the expansion looked good...
Yea, same, I was pretty excited. I have 2 months of game time left too...
I was so excited to finally start playing wow. :( They better fix this.....
really.. does no one have advise for me? on this stupid WoW setup issue?
I am having issues as well. I keep getting the error message that the update cannot be installed to a case sensitive volume. I am not sure what to do. Anyone have some advice?
I note the following from the sticky note at the top of Mac support forum:

Minimum System Requirements*
Mac® OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.8, 10.7.x or newer
Intel processor
2 GB RAM or higher
25.0 GB available HD space
4X DVD-ROM Drive
Broadband Internet connection

Note: Due to potential programming changes, the Minimum System Requirements for this game may change over time.

*There's no requirement for video cards because all video cards that shipped for Intel Macs are supported.

I don't own MoP. I bought Cataclysm. According to your own site, ALL VIDEO CARDS SHIPPED FOR INTEL MACS ARE SUPPORTED. So why can't I play?

Even if you don't own the Cataclysm or Mists of Pandaria expansion, its all the same engine/code. For now, Ive unstickied that until we can get a new one created. I apologize about the confusion in this

Even if you don't own the Cataclysm or Mists of Pandaria expansion, its all the same engine/code. For now, Ive unstickied that until we can get a new one created. I apologize about the confusion in this

Is there really nothing that can be done about this? It's extremely confusing that a game that worked perfectly fine a day ago suddenly will not work because a patch that adds primarily UI changes and no actual new content.

If you're going to lock players out of the next expansion then I see no problem with that, but why kick out players who paid for all of the previous content that is unchanged? Honestly, it seems like a very strange decision considering that subscription numbers have been dropping. Part of the appeal for me has always been that the system requirements are minimal. I don't play a lot of PC games (WoW was my first) and I've never needed a "gaming PC" to play it.

This the first time I've ever been disappointed with Blizzard over anything, but my wife and I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game and overnight have been told that we are no longer welcome. We were very excited for the changes, spent hours downloading and patching, only to be met with extreme disappointment.

I sincerely hope that these complaints from what are obviously dedicated players (most of the people in this thread are posting on an 85) are heard and that changes are made to at least let us play the Cataclysm content we have already purchased.
unfortunately for us, i dont think blizzard will fix this issue. the majority of people who play are using windows, or have Macs that have newer graphics cards. the percentage of people that are having this problem is so small that it will most likely be overlooked. which sucks cause i just bought more WoW time and preordered MoP deluxe edition......
Same boat but with a GMA 950. Sure am glad I bought that annual pass last year. Can't play Diablo, and now I can't even play wow. GG.
The game is still playable so the problem must be easy to fix.
My primary wow machine is an old macbook (gma 950, everything on low) that played the game fine until today, the only problem i see is misplaced graphics (yellow grass, rocks looks like lava, white environment, etc...) but character models and every other thing in the game looks fine when they are near.
Please, invest some time in fixing this issue i've been playing for a long time (played arena pass; suscribed to annual pass; own starcraft, diablo; bought pets from the store) and i don't want to buy a new machine just for this game.
Hope it gets fixed/patched/whatever soon...
It is ridiculous that we've purchased games (WoW, BC, WotLK, Cata) that all were supported on our graphics cards (Intel GMA 950), and now you change the minimum requirements? Sucks that we can't play the games we purchased now.

Subscription: Cancelled.
GMA 950 here. I singed on for the year, anticipating Mists and Diablo. First I find that Diablo is useless to me (not supported, though when I singed on it was supposed to be....ok, whatever). Now WoW is dead to me too unless I can shell out $2000.00 for a new computer which I don't need for anything but Wow (which isn't going to happen)? To say that I'm furious would be putting it mildly. I've been a faithful player since Vanilla. I've never played any other games. WoW has been it for me. Nice, real nice. Thanks Blizz, good job! You've just lost another player (actually, you've forced a player out....since this isn't my choice), hope the Panda bring in the audience you were aiming for (at the expense of your longterm loyal players....but hey, right?).

And btw, I still have three months to pay on my one year agreement. The least you could do is issue a refund for those three months since you have made it impossible for me to play for that time (you broke the agreement, I did not). Don't hold my breath, right?
The year pass is what bugs me most as well, Diablo, the Beta, and now 2 months of playing time were and are impossible for me to enjoy.
Ive paid for Blizzard games since Warcraft 1, i own every blizzard game outside of SC2 and have dropped over $1,000 dollars on Blizzard in the past 15 years.
I'd love to continue to play these games if possible.
I just want to echo everything thats been said already; kind of sucks that this has happened and If I had known that I would need a new computer any ways I would have just bought one, instead of just putting in a new Hard Drive when mine crashed a few weeks ago.

I do want to know is the reason that your not supporting our graphics cards your decision or are you just trying to keep up with how Macs been conducting business over the past year?

Edit: Also what Stari said; for me everything runs fine expect the grass and the landscape (although the trees seem fine. Everything works fine while im hanging out in a city or if I pop into a random instance)
There are now more people with issues than people without issues, at least when it comes to the mac side. With every expansion/major release patch blizz added bad things and took away good things for us mac users. This is just another example of them trying to make the game out to be something it never will be. This (wow) is NOT a high end game and shouldn't require much graphical change at all (considering the graphics AND THE ENGINE haven't majorly changed or gained 'new' technologies), the things that were added aren't really something to boast about. Anyone with programming experience can tell you this problem can easily, let me repeat, EASILY be fixed. If they can send out a patch to destroy installs, they can either refund the money we've all be giving them for false advertising, or they can create a new patch to reverse the damage they have done.

I think alot of people would rather there be no more expansions, I think the game is dying enough to only have free major patch releases with content at this point... and I am pretty sure most of us here would rather play cataclysm with mac support... than watch all those retina display macs and low end PC users play MoP. This doesn't make sense, I don't understand how a PC running windows XP on an old nvidia card can play the expansion... when my NEWER AND MORE POWERFUL MAC isn't ALLOWED to. Don't tell me its technical and can't be resolved because of new technology cuz that is a lie. I am an expert programmer and know that they did it on purpose knowing exactly what would happen. I know this is blizzard trying to get rid of a certain technological minority. When PPC was cut there was no real reason, they just didnt feel like writing the different client code for that processor, now they are doing that with GMA and integrated graphic cards? For the millions they make every second in profits.... I expected more of a open source concept when it came to development at blizzard, meaning.... fix everything that is wrong just for the sake of development. I guess we live in a world where money is the number one priority and not knowledge.

If this isnt fixed soon, im building my own server and downgrading my client to cata again, people would be more than welcome to play for free there.

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