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I thought this was always set to go off based on when you started the macro, but from what I'm seeing on live right now it's from the last time you hit the button.

So if I had for argument's sake...
/castsequence reset=12 Nether Tempest, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast...repeat until 255 used.
It will not reset if I spam it until it uses every last Arcane Blast, or I don't touch it for 12 seconds, for example, if I press Nether Tempest and hit it 4 more times, it will have that delay of all 5 casts + 12 seconds before it will reset.

Is this intended? And/Or is there another command I should be using for this?
It's always been since you last pushed the button, not since the sequence started. There's no way to reset it a fixed time from the start of the sequence, but you can manually reset it using modifiers or other conditions:

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