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Wait, you can use the logging system to save chat? I didn't know that...huh. Learn something new everyday.

I thought it was just for combat logs >.>
Nathaera,i do not understand what this is really about.Is it about you chat channels (General Trade etc) or chat addons?
uh, WTF how about the patcher has a note about this? just lost all my logs archives. What's next, you going to auto-delete the screenshots or WTF directories?

note: to anyone else that sees this little 'warning' too late, if you have windows 7 you can right click on your logs folder, go to properties and then previous versions to get back what you lost.
I wish I'd remembered this. I just came back after not being able to play for a month, and although I did read this thread, I was too eager to get back in the game and play. Lost all my logs :/

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