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Yeah, I'm interested in the response regarding splitting accounts as well. Especially as I had to merge my daughter's account onto my account when she nearly fell victim to a phishing email.

The customer service rep I spoke to on the phone was adamant that I understand that what I was doing was NOT REVERSIBLE and refused to do the account merge until I assured him that I understood and still wanted to put her WoW account under my account.

So, I'm a smidge confused about this. Not that this is new territory for me....
08/26/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Mâximus
I hate to say it, but I am not a teen ager and been playing MMORPGS since 1999 and I do not take NO as an answer and I move up the chain of command.

LOL! I know whatcha mean!

Thanks for the clarification!
ug but what about 2 or More fully separated licensed games under same Battlenet-account?

moving one toon at a time is very expensive. {so glad i forced my daughter to have her own battlenet account now.}

How much does it cost really to move a fully active licensed Game to a seperate battlenet account? [splitting up a boxing ring or a family pack]
I have a question that doesn't seem to be answered by any posts in the thread nor any of the 5.0.4 info posts.

Will 5.0.4 also come with the new ability to name each companion pet or will that be released with Mists?

2. Pets that can only be used by characters of the other faction will be greyed out.
  • Such pets can only be summoned by characters of the proper faction.
  • Examples include: Balloons, Moonkin Hatchlings.
  • There are certain pets that will not be account-wide. Examples include: Guild Page, Guild Herald, Argent Squire, Argent Gruntling.

Is this the Blizzard Store Moonkin Hatchling? Why does it go from being a dual-faction pet to an Alliance-only pet?

You naturally get the horde version on your horde chars and alliance version on alliance chars so you will still get both but can't use the other factions version unless your logged onto that faction.
10 toons I dont think so sad for those who have fully paid for box games for the family that cant battlepet because of not being able to move the fulll game over.
I don't understand this pet thing either. It's confusing. I have like few Christmas deer and I love my deers. Some are on different realms. I'm confused with this Account thing. does that actually mean all the same pets on one realm or all pets all realms that you have people on? This is too confusing. I don't want to lose my cute pets that I had to quest for. My seahorse took me hours to get on some of the toons.
I paid for each full set of games. for each person. Each person having up to 3 to 5 toons on each paid set of games. on one Battlenet. account would get expencive to split it up onto new battlenet accounts.

even at 20 a set.. i already paid like 80 a set for the games to much money to seperate .
but anyway i do think that [boxing accounts] asside the sharing of all my pets and most of the mounts will be good. the rest.. will be tolerated as i have only two choices go with it or quit. and i dont quit easyly.
Now let's say that you'd like to occasionally go into a Pet Battle with two Crimson Whelplings (and one 'Lil KT). You'll have to acquire a second Crimson Whelpling to do that.

After you've gotten your second, all of your characters will see two Crimson Whelplings in their pet lists.

After you acquire your third, you've reached the limit that the system will allow. You can trade in caged Crimson Whelplings all you like (those are items), but you will not be able to add a fourth Crimson Whelpling to the list of pets all your characters share.

Is this applicable to colors of the same pet. If I have an azure, crimson, and green whelping will I be able to have 3 of each color or am I limited to three of the same model whelplings?
08/25/2012 02:40 PMPosted by Kaivax
Pets that your characters have learned are going to be merged, and will be account-wide thereafter.

I have one question that I didn't see an answer for in the Blue Tracker at MMOChampion.
Will the pets be truly account-wide? As in Live, anything that reads "account-wide" are locked to the server it has been acquired in. Will I be able to use my Warsong Horde pets in my Nemesis Alliance? Going out of subject here: Does that applies to mounts? What about heirlooms?

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