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Ok guys, you have to understand the new system. Lets say you have 5 toons, each with a "Brown Tabby" in the next patch, you can name your pets, and each pet has levels, they are like pokemon. So, you can only have 3 brown tabbys, each with its own name, and level/stats. For use in pet battles. I also read that pets will be trade able, so if you don't want 3 tabby, just trade one.

So, what this means, is maybe you will have 800 pets when 5.0 hits, because of all your alts. In order to get more/different pets, you need to sell all the pets you don't want. For example, the 3 brown tabbys. So, if you do it properly, 500 pets should be far more then anyone needs, unless they think they need extras.

I can't confirm this is right, (a blue could) But, this is how I understand it.
When Patch 5.0.4 goes live in the next week,

2. Pets that can only be used by characters of the other faction will be greyed out.
  • Such pets can only be summoned by characters of the proper faction.
  • Examples include: Balloons, Moonkin Hatchlings.
  • There are certain pets that will not be account-wide. Examples include: Guild Page, Guild Herald, Argent Squire, Argent Gruntling.


I am a little confused. I purchased a Moonkin Hatchling from the Blizzard store quite a while ago. I find the little fellow in my spell books for both Horde and Alliance characters.

After the change to 5.0.4 will all of my characters (both Horde & Alliance) continue to see the little feather bears?
I have USA and EU accounts on the same Will the above apply to them or is it only accounts in the same region?
I had the exact same question as Stooki
I also want to know this about the EU and US accounts. I've asked twice but it seems like this question is being ignored in favor of others.

It would be nice to get a definate answer on this since at the moment no one seems to know and we've had no blue post to tell us yes or no.
08/26/2012 08:00 PMPosted by Draculias
I have two accounts under my account. One of them has a Burning Crusade Collector's Edition Key. Will my Netherwhelp pet be shared with my non-Collector's Edition account?


They confirmed previously, through a twitter post, that the CE pets will be shared.

Which is why I only needed to buy 1 CE this time around instead of the usual 2.

08/26/2012 06:54 PMPosted by Sardis
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Akatsuki and Knad responded pretty well to this already.

Personally, I find nothing "sweet" about the fact that I'm going to be losing hundreds of pets.

On Tuesday, Blizzard will be arbitrarily deleting either 200 pets or 1200+ pets.

And no, I'm not exaggerating, at this moment I've got 2207 pets across 18 toons (this number is from the armory). When you merge all the unique pets, that number drops down to around 1700 (my spreadsheet isn't completely up to date, so I can't say exactly). With an upper limit of 1500, I'm losing around 200 pets of Blizzard's choosing and I really hope the choosing isn't done stupidly. If the x3 is enforced, then the number of pets remaining drops to under 500.

There's no good reason for either one to happen.

Yes, drive space. But here's the thing, it doesn't need to take up much more space. If you're over 500 pets or x3, then the treat the pet bank like void storage, essentially all you have is counters of the generic item (the same way void storage strips away gems and enchants). You can't rename the pets or do anything with them until you get down below 500 and/or x3, at which point you're treated as being in the "real" bank. They've got the tech to do this already, and this way, even if you had 50 characters each with the absolute maximum of pets, it wouldn't matter if you had 100 pets or 10450 (which, btw, is the absolute max you could have) going into the patch. You aren't having your work randomly deleted by Blizzard. And give peeps a time limit to get under 500 pets so you can reclaim that little bit of space if you really need it.
i keep getting mixed answer will RaF mounts be transfered?
Ok so of I have this right ...if you spent 4k on a pet and gave to a 4th toon and your 3 other toons have them also that u spent big money on, only 3 toons can use so anything after the 3rd purchase for your other toons was a huge waste of money and playing for 8 years building collections on toons, Then WE should be compensated at AH average price for the ones we lose this is bull crap. So, IF that's gonna be the same for mounts such as vile of sands people that paid big money for the 4th or even crafted one for the 4th toons thats damm expensive 26k spent on crafting for your other toons is lost. Mount crafting will be a major loss and a income for crafting and sales. Blizz you really screwed this up if this will be the new system. Why put a limit????? just share everything per account less work for you and wow players can be happy with the work they have done for years as you take away what some of us worked hard for!!!
08/27/2012 08:03 AMPosted by Krenix
i keep getting mixed answer will RaF mounts be transfered?

On the PTR, RAF mounts are currently account-wide.
Also, a blue recently stated that they should be account-wide when Patch 5.0.4 launches.
Only one of my toons has a mount. Am I going to lose my mount or are my lower lvl toons going to be able to use my mount?
I believe it's a reference to how that particular pet looks different for Horde vs. Alliance. Unlike Lil' Ragnaros, etc. The moonkin hatchling looks like the faction version of a moonkin.
i dont understand...
How long will World of Warcraft be down for the new patch?
So basically any person who really spent time and gold collecting pets for each of their avatars is screwed with the limit of three. White kittens, black cats, whelplings being cut to three is huge cost to a few players. It would not kill Blizzard to let these people sell this item, but often Blizzard has a deaf ear. (I have pets but not all that some have.)

I would imagine that really new pets only available for purchase are already designed and in the program in time to buy that special new pet only available at Blizzard's store just in time for Christmas.

Go figure.

Blizzard should do a little paying attention to virtual world ideaology of when the business takes away the means many of its customers use to create virtual gold for themselves - it's like shooting oneself in the proverbial foot. True it would be difficult for a business that thrives on people's addictions to fail - difficult but possible as noted by their dip in profits one quarter in 2011.
That's my concern too considering the sheer variety of cats that I have.
This seems like a nightmare. So dang confusing. I never wanted pet battles. Turn-based combat is stupid, anyway. If I lose any of my pets I'm gonna be mad. /facepalm
Here's a question;

I have a Baby Blizzard Bear (from the 4th anniversery log-on) over on Draka. Is that going to come over to Gorefiend and join Sabriye's menagerie, or am I still going to be miserable and pouty without it?
08/27/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Primm
That's my concern too considering the sheer variety of cats that I have.

Variety isn't the issue.

Orange Tabby != Bombay != Calico != Siamese &ct.

I've you've got all varieties of cat in the game, you'll still have all varieties of cat after the patch.

OTOH, (apparently) if you've got 10 orange tabby and 10 Bombay across your toons, after the patch you'll have 3 orange tabby and 3 bombay in your pet journal.

In my case, Blizzard will apparently be deleting around 1500 of my pets.

Here's a question;

I have a Baby Blizzard Bear (from the 4th anniversery log-on) over on Draka. Is that going to come over to Gorefiend and join Sabriye's menagerie, or am I still going to be miserable and pouty without it?

Yes, it will go in the jornal, and your toons on Gorefiend will get it. Similarly, any pets you have from the toons on Gorefiend will become available to your toon on Draka.
08/24/2012 07:41 PMPosted by Theoldman
C) all my Horde toons will lose their cats (since there are no easily accessible cats via vendors on the Horde side)?

I assume pets that can be learned by either faction will remain. Cats, cockroaches, elwyn lambs, mulgore hatchlings included.

Not included would be horde balloons for alliance and vice versa etc.

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