Account-wide Pets with Patch 5.0.4

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Okay, Neth posted
08/28/2012 12:09 PMPosted by Nethaera
*To see all of your achievements, pets, and mounts, you’ll want to log into every character at least once.

Does this mean that pets aren't added to the journal until I've logged into any particular toon?

Please say that's true!
08/28/2012 01:07 PMPosted by Chasmordon
Here's a thought. I have 2 characters with an Albino Drake. They'll all have one now?

Yes, that's how it works for the mounts.
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I not sure if i understand this correctly or not however my question is i dont want to battle i been collecting pets just to have them, what i want to know is with this system i lose the ones i have collected i got over 103 pet some are diff color same thing like the cats, and snakes. i be losing at least 5-6 right there. I put in alot of time, a lot of swearing and research to get them. now with this new way i lose that time just so all my toons get the same pets
When says "account bound", does it mean my toons from Hydraxis can get the pets and mounts that my toon from Hellscream have?

Read the thread. Seriously, this was answered a few times already.

Account bound means Account. For this, it doesn't care about server. It doesn't care about WoW license.

Your characters on Hellscream will see your mounts and pets from Hydraxis, and vice versa.

Similarly, if you have 2 WoW accounts under your account, it means that your characters on account 1 will see the same set of mounts and pets that you see on account 2.
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You aren't going to lose _ANY_ of your pets.
08/28/2012 01:11 PMPosted by Kissmytail
what i want to know is with this system i lose the ones i have collected i got over 103 pet some are diff color same thing like the cats, and snakes.

Again, read the thread.

Short form, if it's in your pet spell book now as different entries, then it will be different entries in the new system.

There are 4 different colored dragon whelplings (for example), but Azure Whelpling != Crimson Whelpling != Emerald Whelpling != Dark Whelpling
So if you have 1 of each color, then after the patch you'll still have 1 of each color.

OTOH, according to the first post of this thread, if you have 5 Crimson whelplings across all of your toons, after the patch you'll have 3 in the pet journal.


Something Neth posted a short time ago gives me hope. she said to log into each character to see all your pets/achievements/mounts. If stuff isn't loaded to the journal until you've logged in that particular character, then you may be able to pull out pets so you never cross over into having more than 3 and therefor not lose pets.
08/28/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Chasmordon
You aren't going to lose _ANY_ of your pets.

It depends on how it's done.

If it's all combined at the start, then yes, you WILL lose pets if you have more than 3 of any particular pet across the characters on your account.

If, as implied by Neth's post, stuff is merged as you log in different toons, then you won't lose pets. You just have to pull the ones you don't want to lose out of the journal on each character.
That doesn't seem fair if we have purchased the pets from the Bliz store. This whole thing is very confusing! So what about the Star Mounts.... will only 3 of our toons get one, now?
I am sure this might have already been answered but 19 pagesof posts ...... thats a bit much to read. The account wide mount does that also mean we share mounts with toons on all of the servers or just share mounts with toons on the same server?
08/28/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Gwenelan
Hey, chasmordon, what shoulder piece is that?

Ruthless Gladiator's Felweave Amice and I died a few times earning it. LOL
It's a Warlock honor point purchase.
Spectral Tigers for everyone....
so what about mounts is there a place to find mounts that are shared
i am curious if dk flying mount an class mounts such as paladin warhorse an warlock horse are shared
Could you Blizzard people take the time to invest in a little specificity? I know you guys are SO busy and all pumping out expansions faster than you need to, but for the sake of all the people who use their money to pay for this, YOUR, software, one would assume you'd be a tiny bit more USER FRIENDLY. Give us a list of pets, tell us if we're going to be limited to the number of unique pets we can have per character (I have 101 pets, are you going to forcibly strip 1/4 of those from me? You'll lose my 15 bucks a month if you do.) It seems to me that you need to be more focused on satisfying your customers rather then making everything prettier and shinier. Now, I work hard for my pets, mounts and achievements, but if I am limited to the amount I can have on my main I think you should consider making this a F2P rather than having me invest MY MONEY into working my butt off for something I'm no longer allowed to have.

Loyal Customer
you say we will now only have one lil kt per account, so, as it was SOLD on by you as an account wide pet, hence the cost, are you going to refund every player as most, if not all, would not have paid out good money for a single pet like that, and does this apply to all pets bought from your web page, if so I feel you owe us all, a refund. If I buy a car, the saleman doesnt turn up a year or two later and take back the wheels, seats, and roof, so how can you justify taking away something that you took money for? does this also apply to the mounts we all shelled out cash to you for? if so, I for one, want my money back for all the mounts and pets I bought from the store.

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