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Okay, well, most of my Angry Gnome has gone away, thanks to this post by Orylia:

I'm not going to arbitrarily lose 1200+ of my pets.

OTOH, if the x3 limiter is in place, I also can't log in most of my toons prior to MoP launch because I won't be able to safely remove pets from the journal.


Thank you. I was concerned about this as well. A lot of farming and grinding to get some pets on multiple character only to have them deleted because I had more than 3, was bothering me.
what about sure everybody wants to mail it to another realm..gotta work twice as hard to get these pieces. account bound..or realm bound.....
08/28/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Xerephyna
I actually have a relatively similar question. What on earth is going to happen with the Gyphon Hatchling if you're a Horde player? Will you just not be able to use it now? That would be a waste, imho.

The Gryphon Hatchling is not faction specific.

If you can pull out the pet now on a character, you'll still be able to pull it out when the journal comes into play.

However, there are some pets that have a different version on alliance than on horde, and those pets are the faction specific ones.
The list of faction specific pets are:
Moonkin Hatchling
Argent Squire/Gruntling
Guild Page
Guild Herald
Horde/Alliance Balloon
does this mean all the raptor hatchling i have i can only pick three of them now :(
08/28/2012 02:08 PMPosted by Malifante
This reminds me of another game, I had many characters and they all shared the same pet bank. If I bought it on one it would show up for all the others. I am not sure if this is what they mean because I would hate to lose pets I spent weeks and months farming rep for.

That is exactly what they mean with the only exception is that faction pets will still only be used by the correct faction so you won't see an Alliance player using the Horde balloon.
This is confusing.

1.) Do the pets obtained via World Events (i.e. Children's Week pets), get shared from my main to all my other characters who have not gotten them? Or are they under the "unique" classification?
2.) How does this whole account-sharing thing work with pets I automatically get in the mail every time I create a new character (Mr. Chilly, Corehound Pup, and the Netherwhelp from purchasing the collector's of BC)? If I make a new character, will the still get them? Actually, does this whole shared thing mean that every time I log in on a brand new character it's going to immediately have all the pets my others have?
3.) How does this affect the achievements for collecting vanity pets? Because if not all the pets are going to be transferred (i.e. the "unique" ones, faction specific), doesn't that mean that some of my characters will have more pets than others, meaning that they could qualify for the achievement while others can't? How does that work with the account wide achievements? And the pets that are reward to these achievements, does the character who got the achievement get them or do they all?
4.) Lastly, only getting 3 of the same pet? This doesn't make sense, because even now in the game you can only "learn" each pet once, and what would be the point of having 3 Albino Snakes? Unless this means that you can only keep 3 of the same type of pet, such as if say now in the game you have Orange Tabby, Silver Tabby, Bombay, Cornish Rex, Siamese Cat, Calico Cat, and White Kitten, do you only get to keep 3 since they're all cats? Which would completely suck since I own them all. And who gets to pick which 3 you get to keep?

Blizzard really needs to be more clear on this.
am i missing something or arent fighting pets a hunter perk and now everyone can do this or r the pets yur talking about are our companions
I know this is the wrong forum,but no one seems to know the answer to the ONLY question I have, will WotLK Achievement mounts be taken out of the game with 5.4.0? it's a simple question really a yes or no would be Awesome.
08/27/2012 12:13 PMPosted by Tiggindy
In my case, Blizzard will apparently be deleting around 1500 of my pets.

It could be transitioned in a way you don't lose, but they evidently could care less. Have seen it so many times, they simply change the rules and the players are out the time and effort they spent.
I don't think so, Tygraphix
ok what about the pets i bought from blizz store i have a couple how does this effect those?
08/28/2012 02:12 PMPosted by Monamore
does this mean all the raptor hatchling i have i can only pick three of them now :(

Why does no one read any of the rest of the posts. I answered this within the last few pages.

Short form, if it's in your pet spell book now as different entries, then it will be different entries in the new system.

There are 4 different colored dragon whelplings (for example), but Azure Whelpling != Crimson Whelpling != Emerald Whelpling != Dark Whelpling

Pets will be added to your journal as you log in each of your characters. So if character 1 has Crimson and Emerald whelplings, and Character 2 has an Azure whelpling, and character 3 has a dark whelpling, by the time you've logged in all 3 characters you'll have all 4 whelplings in your pet journal. So if you have 1 of each color, then after the patch you'll still have 1 of each color.

HOWEVER, if you have more than 3 of a particular pet, you may want to hold off on logging in a 4th character with that pet. the first post indicates that the x3 limiter will be enforced for this. So if (for example) across all your toons you have 15 Crimson whelplings, when you log in your 3rd toon you'll have 3 crimson whelplings in your journal. When you log in your 4th toon, you'll still have 3 crimson whelplings in your journal.
That was the worst possible way of explaining this. I am completely 100% not getting it.
08/28/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Deadlymyst
It could be transitioned in a way you don't lose, but they evidently could care less. Have seen it so many times, they simply change the rules and the players are out the time and effort they spent.

See the quoted post on the top of the page.

Pets will be added to the journal as you log in each toon in turn.

However, because you can't safely remove pets for sale before MoP, I can't log in more than 3 toons until MoP launches if I don't want to start losing rare pets.
3. Players should not see more than one of any unique pets. Examles include: Lil' KT, Murky, and Frosty.

4. All standard pets will be merged, with a limit of three per type. Players who currently have more than three of the same pet across their characters will see a total of three after the migration. Examples of standard pets: Orange Tabby Cat, Brown Prairie Dog, Crimson Whelpling.

Kaivax, I greatly appreciate that you all trying to clarify things for us. Forgive me but huh? I have a merged acct. Of that merge 1 acct has the Lil' KT, all accts have Murky, many Horde toons on all accts have the alliance cats. So would I be correct in understanding that:

A) Lil' KT will not go acct wide at all, and

B) Murky will no longer be on all accts, and

C) all my Horde toons will lose their cats (since there are no easily accessible cats via vendors on the Horde side)?

I'm really confused. Please give further clarification on this. Thanks.

no things like lil kt you can only have 1 of so while people are able to use up to 3 orange tabbys in a duel you can only use 1 lil kt and 2 others on the losing the cats not as sure atm
This is a lot simpler than people are making it out to be. The beta is open, there's no NDA. You can see screen shots and everything.

You can have up to three of a single pet such as a Faerie Dragon or a Blue Moth. Why would you want three? For Pet Battles.

Pets are now in a Pet Journal. It isn't like the Bank-bank where you go and pull out items. It's a list of pets you have access to and it's the same for every character on your account. Pets that your specific character can't access (like an Alliance character trying to summon a Horde Squire) are greyed out.

If you create a new level-1 character, that character has the same access to your Pet Journal as a level 90 character.

The only pets that will be "merged" are your Premium Pets like Collector Edition and pay-for-me pets. You only get one of them, but it's in your Pet Journal just like all the others. All this means is you can't field a team of three Lil' KT's in a Pet Battle. You can still have him follow your characters around on every single character you have.

Simple! No one is "losing" anything and everyone is gaining a bunch of pets because now if you get a pet on one character, it's in your Journal and all your characters access the same Journal!
I'm with you there BoA certainly is not Bound to Account ,'s all Bound to Realm ..I was under the impression that Void Storage would be a place where you could put your BoA gear and take it out on a different Realm..Obviously I was wrong but it should be made into that,...a lot more people would have a reason to use it if it were.. useful..just sayin'
well i just cant wait to play pokemon with my pets yay yeah you guys play with your lil pets and ill run the dungeons and raids lol this is a very good thing cause it keeps the kids at bay
And why don't we have "Duel Reforging?" to include gems and enchants? So every time I have to switch spec's I don't need to change gear or run to the reforge dude?

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