Darkmoon Decks in MoP

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous. I've heard that Darkmoon cards will require materials with a 1 day cool down in MoP. That would be fine, except for the fact that I've also read these cards will remain random. If this is true, I have predictions.

There will be a revolt.
There will be blood.
The forums will awash in the cries of thousands of Scribes.
This will get changed.
Sanity will be returned.

As predicted by the Prophet Dirty.
08/27/2012 04:30 AMPosted by Tirt
Even if there is a CD, there are 30 days of CDs, 23 before darkmoon, and 7 during, and if you are in a pinch, there are a few inscriptions out there who would do it for you for a tip of 250g.

Patch is 25th so more like 2 weeks.

But I never had any trouble finding people to trade cards with in cata, why would mop be different.
dark moon cards use 1 scroll of wisdom each which indeed is a 1day CD.

Ive seen a lot of mixed reports about a 2nd method to make them without the 1day CD using 10 spirit of harmony but i havnt really been able to get confirmation either way but i at 10 im not sure it would really be worth it anyway.

Ultimately the 1 day CD hurts tycoons(not so much me, ive leveled 10 scribes in preparation) but I dont think the average person makes more than a few cards here and there to sell individually.

You should also note that you can make scroll of wisdom at 525 so you can start right away and you dont need to get to 600 until the faire. So you will get quite a few free skillups for making them daily.
it definitely has a 1day CD on beta. and really makes no sense that it wouldn't, its basically the new research to learn glyphs it just is also used to make things.
Crafting a scroll of wisdom should have a 1 day cooldown and will teach you a random, unknown glyph as part of the creation of the scroll.

However, additional scrolls can be earned through daily and weekly quests through the rep vendors. Also, I would imagine Blizzard has added or will add a 1-3 SoH pattern for making scrolls off of the daily cooldown timer in order to encourage scribes to head out into the world.
08/27/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Tirt
they really need to make SoH's BoA, not BoP...this'll be one of my last classes i play past 85....sigh

Blizzard had a post on the professions explaining the intent of the SoH and trying to motivate players to leave the cities. Included was the fact that while the expansion will launch with them being BoP, they will likely become BoA at some point during the expansion. I would personally assume this to happen sometime after the second tier of content, likely around the time when chaos orbs became tradable.
The joys of having multiple inscriptions
Sorry I left the discussion this morning. My concern is just how many cards it takes to make these decks. Trading does help but we're still talking about RNG it's perfectly possible, (maybe unlikely) that on any given realm there will be a few cards that just don't get made. This will take forever to make a deck. Just my prediction.

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