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Mine stuck at 0% for more than 45 minutes on both my desktop and laptop. I think it is normal. 3 hours though is not imo. Has your drive activity stopped, or is your drive LED still going? I think how long it takes depends on your system. BTW, mine jumped from 0% to 50% to about 80% then complete all within 5 minutes after that initial wait period.

How long has is been like that? I just patched mine here at work, and even while on a fast connection it stayed at 0% for a good while.
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Ok, after about an hour I left for a few minutes, when I came back it was finished. I can log in now but realms are still down.

Edit: yes, I'm aware down time was extended. I just posted this for others that wondered why their % has stayed at 0 for so long. Not sure about the 3 hour long wait though.
Not as long as some of the others. Maybe half an hour. I figured I would post that I was having this issue so that others would know they aren't the only ones.
Is there a solution to this issue?
sick 8gbs just started loading now lol 1% ohya
Okay then, ignores me and answers someone in my thread. Guess I'll just go do something else. Thanks for the service I guess.
0% for two and a half hours reconfiguring game files
My question is the same as yours and is in your thread. Answering my question seems the same to me.
08/28/2012 12:17 PMPosted by Teenanger
Okay then, ignores me and answers someone in my thread. Guess I'll just go do something else. Thanks for the service I guess.

lol dont get butthurt guy blizzard always does this
0% for an hour here. About to go to work - wait just came up saying patch is live and is dling the patch a pace now.
For the love of God! WHY does this take so long?!?! I need my WoW Fix!!!! rassa-frazzed-bricka-bracken Updating!!!!
took me 15 minutes or so to download all 8gbs so my game is now ready to go XD
Mine was stuck at 0% for about half an hour and then jumped to 3% and stopped there. XD

Looks like it's normal though, gonna go play Skyrim.
it is MUCH faster if you just deleted the game and reinstalled it.
Its about patience. I thought mine was messing up because it was stuck at 2% for about 25 minutes. It does say 15-60 minutes but thats normal conditions. Normal probably doesnt mean half the subscribers at once but IDK.... It finally went to 3% after the first 35-or-so minutes. Guess this will just take a while.
I'm sure they will extend maintenance so you will all have plenty of time to fix your issues. I could see servers being down for another 4-6 hours.
Mine has also been stuck at 0% for a few hours now.
ok I fixed mine and it was simple.

go to Control panel

click system and security

click admin tools

click services

locate "Secondary Services" set it to automatic if it is disabled

wait a few seconds and it should work correctly
Stuck at 0% for 3 hours, finally gave up and reloaded it, still hasn't moved... this is ridiculous, optimizing... optimizing your computer to never run the game again more like. Blizzard needs to figure it out.

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