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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
hey wassup guys grab a drink enjoy the stories, comment if you want if you have had similar events or tips for the event. plz dont troll the fool for his mistake.

*drinks some coconut rum* well then off to my story eh? >:)
anyways i was in battle for gilneas and ofcourse im a Rsham i dont heal people fighting on the road etc. doing my thing hanging out at mines. as i stood there and waited about 5-6 alliance comes to attack the mine node! i was like "oh snap alliance!" i earthshield, threw hots on myself while my camo hunter came out and shot them up! anyways the alliance couldnt cap the flag fast enough due to the fact i had my magma totem spamming aoe atk near the flag causing anyone trying to cap the flag not able to cap lol. so ya they were all too new to realize to kill me first so my totem wont be in the way of them capping it >:) i love going into bg in full cata they cant kill me nor cap the flag tis a fail assault but tyvm for the honor. *sips coconut rum*

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