WTB Heavy Junkboxes

Hey all,

I'm working on my 'the Insane' title and as such need tons of Heavy Junkbox to turn in for Ravenholdt rep.

I've had Bob helping me with it, but I think he may lose his mind if he keeps farming'em, haha.

I'm offering 25g per box, please COD them to me and check here so I can post when I'm done.

Also, here's a guide to farming them: http://www.wowwiki.com/Farming_Heavy_Junkboxes

If you haven't gotten all of them by tonight, I'll see what I can do, though I won't be available 'til after 10:30PM server. They'll be coming from a toon named Sylvathil if I check back and you still need some.
So I, uh. I got about 40 of these to send you.

And then I learned that you can't put lockboxes on the neutral auction house.

I'm dumb. And sorry. Looks like I won't be able to help. >_<
Bumpity bump bump. If price is the issue, hit me up in-game to discuss bonuses.
50+ in the mail.

Recieved about 130+ today, so I now need 1740 more to get to exalted, plenty left to farm >.<
Bumpity bump
64 more boxes last night.

COD'ed ya 750g worth of boxes....
Hey Adrell, how many more? My Rogue us stuck in this hell till she is pardoned.
Not sure actually, will get back to you with the number, just been buying'em for now, gotta go turn in the ones I've bought

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