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my comp shuts off in the middle of game play for no apparent reason in the middle of playing wow. its just after the MOP patch, and i already tried deleting the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders. the game worked fine before the patch, but now it shuts down my computer entirely (all the way off) after random amounts of game time. plz, does someone know how to fix this
Same thing is happening to me. Don't know if it's an overheating issue yet or not.
My computer is also shutting down. This is not an overheating issue and only started after the patch. I can play about max of 10 minutes and computer shuts down. I can start it back up immediately. I've tried disabling add-ons on the suggestion of a fellow player...this hasn't helped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I've been having the same issue, and it started after I finished downloading the patch.
As have I, keep in mind, with the heating issues people are having in their GPUs its probably the cause of the shut downs. Just like your CPU, if your graphics processor over heats it will shut down the system to protect itsself.
I turn my graphics down in the game and I'm still having the issue.
Same problem here. Any updates on this?

I know my computer has had overheating problems in the past (I have a XPS 15z so everything is packed a bit tight in there) but I fixed the problem previously by tossing a cool mat with a huge fan under there, so I've never had problems with it since until now. The laptop is still not that hot when it shuts down, and there really aren't any strange performance problems up until that point either. I've set my graphics to as low as humanly possible, tried deleting my cache, WTF's and uninstalling/disabling all my addons, to no effect. I'd like to avoid a clean reinstall if at all possible but will try it if need be.
Having the same problem with it shutting down. Have and Intel I7 and a 5870 ati card. My computer overheating on 1or 2 occasion prior to the MOP patch but solved that problem with a box fan never had it since. My computer has a empty ram and hard drive slot so there is plenty of air flow. I tried the remove wtf, cache, and interface files was even worse after that. I even disabled my addons before trying the flies. My graphic card isn't on my hard drive but a dedicated chip. This is completely pissing me off.

edit: Trying the turn my graphics all the way down so far nothing happened but it still pissing me off.
Im now also having the same problem.. also tried lowering the graphics card and isn't working.
I had this problem only when farming (skinning or herbing) until I updated my graphics driver. Then everything was fine.

Until Darkmoone Fair started. I can't be in that zone more than a minute, and my system shuts down. It's not an overheating issue, as my laptop does not get past "warm" and any other zone I can be in, and raiding I've had no issues.

What say you blizzard? Because I'd like to get my dailies and reputation done, but it looks like I lost a week of that now =(
I think I might have fixed my problem at least. I took the battery out of my laptop and I used an air pump ( one you might use to pump an air mattress) and I used it on area that the cooling fan resides in my laptop to hopefully get all the dust out. Works really well. I now have a little fan blowing on my lap top plus a cooling pad to help it also. I was able to play for several hours yesterday and do the darkmoone fair without any issues. We will see how today goes :( I still have the battery out of my computer as it is always plugged in anyways. Not sure if that made the difference or not. Read from another user that they took out the battery, plugged it in... turn on the computer then turn off the computer put the battery back in and turned it back on.. and wow worked.
have you tried getting new ram installed, sometimes manufactures like hewitt packard put in faulty ram without knowing it, i had that problem the computer would shut down and restart by itself almost daily during world of warcraft, if that isn't the case it could be the ram slot's or something else altogether.
Try V-sync. Other than that PSU upgrade maybe.
I am having the same problem. I am able to play for anywhere from a few minutes to about 40 minutes before the laptop shuts down. I have monitored all temps and nothing is getting very hot. My GPU only got up to 85c. All fans are working fine and no dust is anywhere as I just cleaned everything.

I have run a graphics test program and got the gpu up to 98c with no problems. I also ran memory and hard drive tests with no problems.

The only time this happens is while running WoW.

Any ideas?
Just started experiecing the same problem 2 days ago. Have never had any issues with my computer, and wow until now. And it's only wow that's causing my computer to shutdown.

I downloaded a programe called HWmonitor to keep track of CPU temp, and graphics card Temp. Not even sure how to tell what's what with it though.
Contacted a GM through a ticket, and showed him/her a screenshot of it, and he/she said that my video cards tem was on the high end.

I also blew a !@#$ ton of dust out of, and it seems to work better. Going to open it up when I can get hold of some screwdrivers, and give it a clean.

I also did some driver updates, and deleted the cache and wtf folders.

Atleast now I can sit around orgrimmer without my computer having a hissy fit, and shutting off. Still does it when I got to do a random heroic though. So I think my issue might be my fan, or a build up of dust in on the fan, or motherboard.
But yeah, I'm still not sure what the cause of it is yet.

If anyone els has used HWmonitor, and understands what is what with it, please let me know.
User applications should not have the ability to lock up a computer. If this does happen, it means there is a flaw in the drivers or the OS.

1) Make sure drivers are up-to-date
2) Make sure the OS is up-to-date
3) Check the temps of your CPU and GPU while the game is running.

Downloading one of the many stress tests for the GPU or CPU is a good way to see if your hardware is having any issues.
Check this post. It's definitely related. Considering the OP has not replied.

09/23/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Magonegro
i play on a Desktop, it was working fine a few days ago, get home from work and once i enter it freezes and sometimes reboots my computer
same thing has happened to things like League Of Legends For example if you press the PLAY on it Nothing happened But then they patched it. So odds are it MAY just need a patch and once the patch is done.... Game works... i hope!

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