[A]<Honor Piñata> 5000g for Class First 90's

Hello everyone!

As we move into Mists of Pandaria, <Honor Piñata> is looking to stir up a small internal competition and offer a little incentive for those participating.

- We are offering 5000g to the first toon of each class who reaches level 90 upon the release of Mists of Pandaria
- All submissions must be in before Midnight the following monday. In the event that there are still unclaimed class 90's at this time, gold rewards will become unavailable.
- Participating toons must be in <Honor Piñata> to be eligible.
- Players must have a character in <Honor Piñata> that has Friendly rep or higher (however you can use a Neutral or Friendly alt as your toon in the competition)
- If you bleed caffeine, yes you can collect on multiple classes

If you wish to participate, but are not yet in guild--please feel free to get with me in game or any other member for an invite. There's plenty of time to build up rep now if you need it.

We're a not-so-serious social PVP guild, geared more toward what's happening in the world than what's happening in controlled, instanced enviroments. Feel free to hit me up either here or in game

Thanks all, and if you have any questions feel free to post them here.
Goodluck all and enjoy the expansion
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We're recruiting fabulous players of all kinds. Emphasis on the fabulous.
Seeking male foresaken for ERP

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