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The gnomes reaction to seeing his visage caused Nellison to shrug slightly and nod, "I am afraid your portal magic will not work well here, in fact it may be dangerous to try anything of a long distance nature. My calculations put us at the far northern tip of Kalimdor. According to the charts, this island does not exist. As you can see however, it is there and I am sending a small contingent to explore. I will stay with the ship until it is determined if it is salvageable or not. I have a lot of cargo that will be costing some people, including me, a lot of gold if I cannot get it back to Stormwind." he settled back against the railing and looked from one to the other, his face a mask of calm.

The druid first mate, Ravien, arrived beside the boat and barked a warning to the Captain. She had swam around the island in sea lion form and had to return quickly. "Captain, we have a problem...there is something very large lurking below. It is larger than the ship by a long ways. So far it seems to be moving slowly in a circle around the island. I suggest we get to land as soon as possible and set up a defensive perimeter. The ship will be fine here, it is stuck on a sandbar that is very close to the surface and we ran aground far enough to stabilize it here." as she spoke she changed forms and came on board the ship by way of her flight form. She settled on the deck in her stormcrow form and preened her feathers as she waited for orders.

Nellison nodded and scratched his beard slightly. "I want you to go with the landing party and see what you can find ashore. Be cautious and report anything we need to know as fast as possible."

He turned back to the mages. "If you wish to try a portal go ahead, but it is at your own risk. Any backlash that harms the ship or the rest of us will not be welcomed. Besides the whole ship is stuck here for now. The cargo will be ferried to shore and the ship will be repaired as soon as we can get the wood from the island. We may be able to use your aid in defending the ship from whatever it is that lurks below. Let us hope that using magic of any kind does not bring some kind of reaction you may not expect."
Mordran listened to the Gnome waiting for her to stop so he could reply again and was a little surprised at the turn of events as he left the room with his enchanted lantern hovering above him, leaving a man who knew basic first aid to watch over the injured.

On the deck he waited for the three to finish before saying "I think this might be a good time to say that I'm carrying an ancient Troll shackle that dampens magic causing me to be unable to cast any advanced spells, however I cast still cast the basics which are still be very useful." He turned to Brandbombe and said "If you wish to try something like opening a portal I recommend that you do it away from me so it doesn't interfere." He turned to the captain and said "I"ll come with ye to shore, my enchanted lantern" he pointed up to the lantern hovering above him which produced a bright blue light "can help light the way so we can save the oil for other purposes if need be."
The Gnome genius cocked a dubious corner of her mouth into her cheek, as a brow of scorn sunk over her eye. “That’s ridiculous!” she scoffed at the Captain. “Check your calculations again; the ambient temperature is far too temperate for such a northern latitude, and the humidity would suggest we’re closer to the tropics, or at least southerly enough to be in the path of a tropical sea current.”

Bandbombe turned her mocking eye from the man to the night sky, and began drawing lines with her finger between what stars she could see through the dissipating clouds. Then her lamp lit eyes grew wider. “No,” her mouth vocalised her brain's rejection of the data her ocular senses were recording. She drew the paths again, her finger pausing at a particular star as she aimed her eye down its length, and angled her thumb to the zenith of the spherical map overhead. Her mouth dropped opened to a pale pink “O” as she gauged the angle between her fingers then that pointed finger started scribbling figures on the blackboard of the night sky. The mathematician stood gazing slack-jawed at the vacant air for several long seconds, scratching her head as her eyes darted over her imaginary calculations.

“Great gears of the revolving universe! Do you know where we are?” Brandbombe cried in amazement at the Captain. “Oh, uh-,” she checked her enthusiasm, “of course you do. But this is astounding!” she declared boisterously, excitement taking hold again. “We should all be freezing our butts off. Well,” a slight sneer crossed her face, “except you.”

The planetary scientist turned to Mordran, and threw her hands into the air. “Do you know what this means? A tropical island in the midst of an arctic zone!” stubby fingers padded rapidly at her at her little round chin as the possibilities ticked through her mind. “It could be a geological attenuation of the planetary mantle allowing for geothermal warming of the locale. Or a meteorological anomaly created by a confluence of warming ocean currents? Perhaps,” her eyes began to dance ecstatically, “it’s some cast off portion of the original Well of Eternity. Or, or, or,” and she locked eyes on Mordran’s as she pointed emphatically at him, “maybe it’s a convexity geographically equilateral to the geologic concavity of the Un’goro Crater!”

The runaway tram of her thoughts was suddenly derailed by an infuriatingly distracting barking sound, and remembering they were all shipwrecked.

Brandbombe evaluated the druid’s report and offered her own analysis. “A Deep Sea Threshadon perhaps?” she theorized about the gargantuan sea life. “That would be highly unusual, as their nomenclature indicates, and they don’t tend to denize in or near shallow ocean. But given our current surroundings, I don’t think we can quite define what is usual or unusual for the area at the moment.”

“Nevertheless, I concur with the proposition for immediate evacuation, and given the curiosity of our situation, I believe it might be best to have something more stable under our feet before we attempt the intricacies of portal transportation. People, food, medicines, and tools are our priority cargo to shore Captain, gold is the least of our concerns now, and concerted efforts of salvage will be better achieved in the light of day. In the meantime, we’ll just have to hope that sea monster doesn’t find that your ship looks appetizing.”

“Very well Mordan,” Brandbombe gave a curt nod of consensus. “I’ll see the injured prepared for transport, and you can oversee their arrival. Fire beacons on the shore will be our cue that you have things secured, and we’re ready to move civilians.”

The little woman with audacity twenty times her size, clapped and rubbed her hands together with finality. “If that’s all gentlemen, and -uh-,” a questioning brow rippled at the feathered form of the druid, “lady? Then let's be about our business, non-replicating hydrocarbons are energetically oxidizing at a regular rate through the solar nadir! Or in other words: the midnight oil’s a-wasting!”

With a sharp spin and a flailing of crinkled, pink locks, Brandbombe turned on her heel and set off for her duties. “Oh! And save the Rum!” she roared over her shoulder with a wave of an exclaiming finger then coolly added, “It’s an effective antiseptic, and viable solvent for medicinal tinctures.”
Making a squawk that resonated much like laughter, Raevien changed into her orca form as she dived into the water, ready to guide the small boat to shore. It was loaded and only rocked slightly as the passengers got on board.

Lt. Jason Doughtery and two of his marines were in the smaller craft ready to defend the passengers once they landed on the beach. The men were veterans from many campaigns and were ready to row the small craft. "Let's get moving there mages, we have some time while the moon is overhead, but I see more clouds rolling in from the west."

The smaller craft eased out into the swells of the ocean washing towards the shore. The sandbar, encrusted with gravel, held the broken ship fast. They had been able to lower the smaller craft directly into the lagoon and had water enough below them to safely navigate the distance. The marines rowed with a steady draw as Raevien led the way across the lagoon. Below in the depths of the lagoon swam many smaller fish, some were probably edible.

As they traversed the lagoon after about a half hour of steady rowing, Raevien splashed in the water ahead of them in warning. She swam up to the boat and circled it slowly, she seemed to hesitate as if warning them to slow down. The men stopped rowing and the Lt. leaned over the side to see if he could figure out why she had slowed them down. The water was an inky black below, the moonlight merely shone and reflected off the surface of the swells.

As an orca, Raevien had not much to fear from the other fish in the sea, she was a natural predator. But something had spooked her and she did what she could to warn them. The sea rolled in gentle waves towards the shore, it seemed to be only another fifteen minutes or so away of steady rowing would get them to the beach. The tension was almost palpable as they hesitated. Jason could see nothing to delay them and kept feeling that the sooner they got to shore the better. "Slow ahead, row steady again and hope whatever it was that spooked Raevien is gone or not moving towards us..."

The men complied and a slow steady dip of the four oars slid them closer to the beach, the drifting boat had been moving slowly anyway due to the tide coming in. Now with the rowers dipping once again into the sea they moved faster.

The water behind the boat suddenly roiled as Ravien leaped out of the water and raced towards them, as fast as she could go. It did not take long for the Lt. to shout, "Row! We are close to shore now! Row!" he bent his back to digging deep with his partner and the four oars bit into the sea as fast as they could. The little craft shot forward. A wave appeared behind them and rose higher and higher...or was it something else?
It had been a long journey in Northrend. Her mission was completed and she only needed to get to Stormwind to report in. This lost continent had been the epicenter of climatic battles. At first, it was the bastion of power to the mighty Lich King. Scores of undead once roamed this land, but it was cleansed by mortal who had homes to protect from the might of the Scourge. After came the Destroyer and his minion who lay siege to the Aspect's seat of power. The only thing Zetia wished was peace for the inhabitant of this continent; to let them build home anew.

Lost in her thoughts, she hardly heard the captain calling for departure. She rushed her bag on her shoulders and embarked on the ship before it run off for the wild sea without her. Seeing as everyone was busy with their duties, she took refuge in the lower deck. She unbuttoned her cloak and began her daily prayer to the Light. The prayer session was followed by meditation. Her mind was left empty of all thoughts. She focused on the calmness of her inner sanctum for many hours.

Sounds of people preparing for battle disturbed her peaceful mind. As she went upstairs, her mind went through all the possible encounters in these cold waters. "Oh faithful Light, I would pray to you each morning if it is not a Kvaldir raiding party" she said to herself. Her first experience of disgust was when she encountered a party of those seamen, even scourge abominations were less disgusting to her than those wretched sea abomination. Maybe it was those seaplants covering their body or their horrible stench. Never did she wanted to let her thoughts wander on this topic because it could create horrible gastric convulsions; which she would later regret. "Let's just hope they are not Kvaldir." she muttered as she was going up the stairs to the deck.

As she set foot on the first floor, she scanned the ocean immediately to spot the enemy and perceived a pirate flag. She was at once relieved from all the build up stress of fighting Kvaldirs. It was not the time to feel reassured. "Oh Divine Light, may you steel the heart of my companion for the upcoming test" she whispered in a prayer to the Light.

The prayer seemed unneeded as thanks to first mate escaping manoeuvre skills. They were out of danger, for now.
Quite shortly after they escaped the pirates tentative approach them, the wind was more and more dangerous. She heard the captain yell an order,but she did not listen as she was already going to retrieve her belongings in the lower deck.

The boat started to rock like if it was being tossed away by a sea giant. Zetia had a hard time standing on her feet. She managed to get her bag before she fell due to a powerful shockwave. She was catapulted from one end of the floor to an other. She tried to grip something, but ultimately failed to and she hit her head on a wooden piece of something. She immediately lost consciousness after letting out a shriek of pain.


When she woke up, she found herself in a room full of injured person. Her first reaction was to look around for her bag. It was right next to her. She sensed immense pain comming from the back of her skull. She touched the back of her head and sense a big bump."That's gonna leave a mark" she though. "I might as well go work to relieve the pain." she muttered to herself.
((Nell I'm going to assume control of the man I left to watch over the injured and name him Darrik, if this isn't okay just say so and I'll delete this part.))
Darrik was checking all of the patients for anything the Dwarf might have missed, so far he has seen nothing unchecked. When he reached Zetia he was surprised at her waking up as he grabbed the waterskin at his side and offered it to the woman while saying "Here, you should take it easy, the Dwarf was very throughout with taking care of the injured. We crashed and are stranded in some place, Captain Nellison is sending out a shore party and the Dwarf is going to be a part of it," he chuckled and finished "no surprise there."

((Now back to the Dwarf.))
Mordran went to the small boat and slowly went in with fear and discomfort showing on his face as he directed his lantern his his right arm hoping that concentrating on something might distract him from the boat's rocking. It didn't and when to boat went as fast as it could the Dwarf leaned forward eager to get his feet on the ground, he saw the two rowers in front him look at something behind the boat with fear so Mordran looks behind at the wave. Mordran tried to think of a shielding spell but he couldn't recall one of the words and hoped the boat wouldn't capsize.
“What have we here?” the Gnome physician inquired cheerily as she entered the surgery door. “Thank you kindly, Crewman Derrik. When the landing party has established a beachhead we’ll be evacuating the ship. Will you see that the ambulatory are prepared to move, and seen to the boat slide? Find some volunteers to help you, and I’ll join you in a minute.”

The diminutive woman latched onto a stool just inside the door and dragged it noisily behind her to the woman’s bedside. “You got yourself a nasty bump on the noggin’, so don’t hop up, and start j.iggin' about just yet. As you should be able to tell,” she hopped upon the stool, flashing a toothy grin and passing a flourishing wave of a displaying hand down her torso, “I’m not of an equitable stature to lift you back to your bunk, and Derrik has his duties; I wouldn’t think you’d find face down in the deck boards terribly comfortable if you collapsed. Now, let’s have a look at you.”

“I’m Brandbombe,” she introduced as she reached out a tender palm to the woman’s cheek, watching her eyes closely. “Can you tell me your name?”
As she was going to stand up, someone offered her a waterskin in order to relieve the pain.
"Here, you should take it easy, the Dwarf was very throughout with taking care of the injured. We crashed and are stranded in some place, Captain Nellison is sending out a shore party and the Dwarf is going to be a part of it, no surprise there." He said to her as she was going to stand up.

"Well, thanks for the help but I won't ..." she did not had the time to finish that a voice came out of nowhere.
What have we here? Thank you kindly, Crewman Derrik. When the landing party has established a beachhead we’ll be evacuating the ship. Will you see that the ambulatory are prepared to move, and seen to the boat slide? Find some volunteers to help you, and I’ll join you in a minute.
Zetia thought she was getting paranoiac for a second until the man, which seemed to go by the name of Derrik, looked down and nodded at the gnome who spoke to him.
The gnome made her way to her and standed upon a stool to examine her.
You got yourself a nasty bump on the noggin’, so don’t hop up, and start ji'ggin' about just yet. As you should be able to tell. I’m not of an equitable stature to lift you back to your bunk, and Derrik has his duties; I wouldn’t think you’d find face down in the deck boards terribly comfortable if you collapsed. Now, let’s have a look at you. I’m Brandbombe, can you tell me your name?

"Thanks for the attention. I'm Zetia Greyhair, a priest to the Holy Church of Stormwind. As for the help, it won't be required as I can pull my own alone. I prefer giving help than receiving it" she added a forced smile to her last remark as her head was still hurting."I am sure other might need more help than I. Where are we exactly?"
“A Priest! Isn’t that a stroke of luck in a bad run,” Brandbombe nodded in affirmation. “Well, when they’re conscious that is,” she added with a jovial wink as she hopped off the stool.

“Mordran, the afore mentioned Dwarf,” she informed, “has been a more than adequate substituted for the ships surgeon who has been laid out by severe concussion, and yet the qualifications of a higher power are more than welcome. The doctor is the most critical case among the injured,” she pointed to a bunk opposite, “the rest being contusion, lacerations, and fractures of varying degrees with expectations of full recovery given natural courses. Nevertheless, our situation would indeed do better, the more able-bodies among us.”

“Where are we?” the intrepid explorer repeated, and broke into tinkling, bemused laugher. “Ah, Sister Greyhair, in many ways, your guess is as good as mine,” Brandbombe stated as she ambled to the door and looked up to the night sky with mild befuddlement. “We’ve been driven off our course by the storm, and have run aground on an uncharted island. However, it has already proven to be a most bizarre place, as we are yet north of continental Kalimdore, amidst an arctic zone, and as you may have noted, it is far from frigid.”

“But,” the geographer turned back to the theologist, and concluded with an eager twinkle of her eye, “as we make our way to shore, more insight to the mystery will be divined!”

“Well, Sister, in your own time, but we’re evacuating the ship for the security of all, and there is some need of expediency. Alchemy is one of my many fields, and if a derivative of one of Nature’s endowments might assist your own, do not hesitate to intimate your needs.”

Brandbombe exited the small infirmary, and prepared herself for triage and nursing duty. She relived Crewman Derrik of his current activities, and sent him off to find more crucial deeds while the two women worked their different healing arts upon the wounded.
Standing atop the highest point of the broken ship's deck, Nellison looked through his spyglass and followed the progress of the smaller boat. What he saw as they were about halfway to the shore made him curse vehemently. Something that big should not have been in the small lagoon, but there it was and headed straight for the tiny craft.

He did not waste anytime but turned to the marine nearby who was watching with his own spyglass. The man's face was white, but he stood firm as Nellison snapped orders "Get to the closest point on the rocks as you can and see if you can distract it. Gunfire, magic, anything!! Froedok, is there anyway the ships guns can be trained on it? Or are they out of service still?"

The dwarven gunner gazed at the behemoth traveling at a pretty good clip towards the boat and shrugged. " least we kin give it som'thin else ta think aboot" his dwarven accent as strong as the ale he drank. The crew jumped into action and managed to get the gun on that side of the ship lined up for a shot. Froedok rammed the shot and gunpowder into the barrel and waited until it was lined up as best he could.

The torch was set to the short fuse and the cannon roared. "KABOOM!" the cannonball sailed through the air and fell short by only a few feet. "Kersplash!!" it landed in the water and indeed managed to startle the predator slightly. It veered off away from the tiny boat, giving them time to make it to the beach safely.

Raevien ran up on the beach, helping the marines pull the boat onto the sand. "We cannot make another trip unless that thing is sidetracked or dead..." her voice clipped with irritation. She had seen it on the bottom of the lagoon and thought it asleep or too sated from a recent meal to bother them. The lagoon was deeper than she had thought at first glance. The depths seemed to indicate perhaps an underground cave, though there was not enough light to see down there.

On board the ship, Nellison smiled and clamped his hand on the dwarf's heafty shoulder. "Good shot, you missed but apparantly distracted it. I am not sure, but a direct hit might have sent it in our we have to figure out a way to keep it distracted..or dead" he scratched his chin thoughtfully and watched as the creature again sank to the depths of the lagoon...he hoped.
Nurse Brandbombe was arranging the wounded by the severity of their cases when distracted crewmen and passengers began to line the bulwark of the ship, and she became distracted herself.

“What now?” she opened the question to anyone with an answer among on-lookers.

“There’s something in the water, an’ it looks like it’s after the longboat!”

The Gnome made a hot-footed dash to the infirmary, snatched up her bag, cried out to the priest, and beat it back, all in mere seconds. Once again she dove into her trusty carry all, and pulled a spyglass from within. “Help me up, I gotta see!” she demanded as she began to climb a man she squeezed in beside. “Help me up!”

Straddling the gunwale, she put the magnifying piece to her eye, and aimed it toward the centre of the lagoon. The strange pursuer did not break the surface, but the once-glassy inlet now was clearly marred by a swirl of deep black swells rolling in its wake, mere yards behind the long boat. “Douse the light!” she screamed out of reflex more than expectation to be heard by the people in the small, vulnerable craft.

She immediately jumped back down to the deck and tore off in the direction she had last seen Captain Nellison, but was brought up short by the thundering boom of a cannon. “AHHHHHH!” She bellowed, but not in fright of the cannon blast, but in fury as she watched the streak of smoke cross the night sky. She followed it as far as the bulwark would let her, and had to suffice with continuing with its journey by eye as she dangled from the gunwale. The cannonball landed short of the beast, for which she sighed with relief; the longboat made it to shore un-harassed, for which she sighed again; and she let loose with a long “whew!” when the unknown beast seem to vanish below the surface again, and she dropped back on to the deck planks.

She marched with aggravated purpose to the source of the cannon spark, finding the Captain and his gunner, and catching the last snippet of their conversation. “You’re bloody well right you didn’t just piss it off, and send it on a more aggressive path for the boat, or have it turn on us! My hopes went with the lives aboard that longboat,” her arm flung emphatically to the shore, “but there are even more lives on this ship as yet,” and she pointed vehemently to the deck boards, “and we aren’t all looking for an opportunity to end up in the drink, and be a feast for Titans only know what!”

“And to have it dead is an absolute last resort! You forget, Captain,” she aimed her eye down an accusing finger, “we are interlopers in its territory, not the other way around! If we are indeed the higher species on the evolutionary ladder then the higher minds will prevail.”

And my mind,” she paused to pull a deep calming breath into her lungs, and attempted to let her ire go with the exhale as she pushed a spray of scraggly, pink waves from a struggling brow in an effort to recompose herself, “is working on the distraction we need. I can only hypothesize, to the nature of this strange beast, but I believe our solution lies in something we both understand very well… The Cold.”
“Now, the first strategy of my plan.” she began to pace the deck in a slow, deliberate stride as if she we delivering a dissertation in a lecture hall, rather than a ruined ship. “First point: your Druid companion, has been swimming back and forth and around this island for some time now, and no attempt to make a meal of her was made, and in her whale form, she is at least as big as that boat. Point two: no attack has yet been made on this ship, despite its noisy crash and all the activity about it. Our lights are stationary, like those of the moon and stars, but the longboat, with its splashing and dear Mordran’s lamp chasing along with them, made it more obvious, like a shiny lure at the end of a fishing line. This suggests to me a certain near sightedness, or night blindness on the beast’s part, and this draws a conclusion that the boats going to shore should have no running lights aboard them on the crossing.

“Strategy two is a defensive action if the matter of luminosity is not the only factor of attraction. I will have to confer with your First Mate on whether this is the same creature she spotted circling the island, or a second species we are dealing with; however, proposing that it is, and that it was circling the island, rather that venturing out to, or back from to deeper artic waters, suggests that it is acclimatized to this tropical habitat, and potentially trapped here by the warmer environment. Aquatic life has a dynamic tolerance to changes in ocean temperatures, but not so extreme for life adapted to one climate, to survive long in another, let alone thrive as this one seems to have, for its size. And if it is a second species, we might go as far as to suggest the same.”

“If the creature does chose to investigate, or hunt us, I can attempt to create a cold-water barrier along the route to shore to drive it off, rather than risk its ire on a direct attack. I understand that some,” she paused a moment to find a diplomatic phrase, “…beings of your nature… have a certain affinity for frost magic; if you have such an affinity, and it does not necessitate inflicting suffering upon the beast then a combined effort may have a more effective application. Perhaps others with an inclination to frost, and an intrepid nature may be willing to assist as well.”

“While I don’t mean to suggest the degradation of your First Mate,” she stroked the slight cleft in her chin for a moment, again pondering the approach to a delicate matter, “perhaps she would see the logic of the proposal, and submit to being our beast of burden? Formulating a harness of some sort for her and a longboat, and borrowing her power and prowess in the water could expedite transportation. We have two boats available to us, yes? I may be able to convince a friend to something similar, and some extra iciness if it comes to it.”

“Now, Captain Nellison,” and the strategic advisor clasped her hands behind her back and rocked on her heels as an encouraging arch peaked her brows, “I’m open to evaluations and addendums, if something I’ve not accounted for has come to your attention.”
Watching from the ship which was starting to rock slightly due to the tide coming in, Nellison heard the comments of the gnome. He turned to face her, the icy blue of his eyes boring into hers. He smirked at her choice of words and tried not to laugh. "My good gnome, you are right in that we do not wish to attract the attention of the creature in the lagoon. The shot was one meant to distract it. If we had continued firing, it would have alerted the beast to our presence or at least our intentions. It is the element of surprise we doubt it has no idea where the cannonball came from. Even now it has sank to the bottom...I hope...and will not rise again, unless provoked." he turned his attention once more to shore and watched as Raevien again dove into the water and became one with the fishes, a predator herself as an orca.

"It is my hope that Raevien, with her intrinsic knowledge of Nature will endeavor to find a way to move the longboat from ship to shore without disturbing the beast. Perhaps she can communicate with it?" he shrugged as he watched the marines on shore start to unload the small boat and begin setting up a small camp. The worked efficiently and fast to set up a canvas tent and some firepits. They were well away from the tide line and close to the trees, what cover there was looked to be mostly jungle.

One of the crewmen with the small boat waded out a bit and then dove into the water to search for shellfish close to shore. He was on the lookout for Raevien, who had told them to wait before attempting to get back to the ship. All they could do is wait until she had time to check out whatever creature it was on the bottom of the lagoon.
Mordran looked down at the hull of the small boat, he was angry about the fact that he had forgotten how to cast a spell at a time of need. When the boat reached shore he hastily climbed out to get on the ground, he send the lantern high in the campzone but still under the tree branches and made it shown a little brighter so the crewmen could see what they were doing better and so he could see his spellbook properly as he flipped through searching for the spell he had forgotten earlier. After a few minutes he had found and re-memorized the shielding spell and called by a crewman near an unlit campfire, Mordran silently walked up to it and casted a quick, weak fire spell that started the fire as he sat down by it before casting a spell on himself that heightened his senses.
Brandbombe met the icy glare of Jeremy Nellison’s with a cool reserve of her own. She gave a curt nod of acquiescence to the rationalisation of his commands, yet a corner of her mouth remained dubiously curled as to whether it was actually calculated prudence, or sheer luck that currently supported him.

With deference to his First Mate’s awaited report, a twitch of both envy and intrigue flickered over the marine biologist’s brow. “I would be most interested to receive what data your Druidess companion has accumulated, and her evaluations thereof. Yes…, most interested.” Brandbombe’s star speckled eyes glazed and drifted to the night sky as her mind began plotting the structure of a pending field study, but she force her thoughts back to directions more relevant with a flutter of lashes and a shimmy of her head.

“But Captain, while I do concede to a Kaldorie’s innate ability, and a Druid’s honed facility for interpreting the disposition and instinct of species of the wild, her primary study of, and metamorphosis to, mammalian creatures may leave something of a gap in communications and interpretations considering the taxonomic diversity of sea life. This beast could be Arthropod, Mollusc, Fish, Amphibian, etcetera, etcetera! Even for a highly talented Druid, time and study are their prerequisites; and as you know, Captain, time and tide”, she testified as she swayed with a shift in the ship, “waits for no man. The dangers upon this vessel are as clear and present as the ones upon the water. We must put all our facilities and contingencies in place. You have mine; I only need word to begin implementing them.”

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