*TF - Recruiting for Mists of Pandaria!*

[H] ◄TF ► is looking for a handful of skilled players to round out our roster heading into 5.0 and the expansion. We are a progression-oriented raiding guild with a long history dating back to WoW Beta, and strong and stable guild leadership. We have been continuously raiding since Vanilla, and have finished in the top 30 for US 25 man guilds for three consecutive tiers.

We are currently in need of the following specs and classes:
deathknight (dd)
paladin (retribution)

However if you are not one of these classes, we are always willing to look at applicants who we feel would be strong additions. We believe in making room for the best players possible, rather than only recruiting to fill a need.

Current Progression (25M Rankings):
8/8 Heroic Tier 13: US 28th, World 79th
7/7 Heroic Tier 12: US 22nd, World 75th
13/13 Heroic Tier 11: US 23rd, World 107th

We've been the server's first guild to finish heroic content for 5 consecutive tiers.

All applicants are expected to *consistently* be able to raid on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Sundays, from 6:30pm to 10:30pm (note that Hyjal is a pacific time server). After progression is over, we usually raid one or two nights per week.

<TF> runs a tiered DKP bidding system that prioritizes loot to where it can best be used, while also giving applicants and new guild members a fair shot at earning upgrades. 75% attendance or better is required for full bidding privileges.

For more information about the guild and our policies, please visit: http://www.thefabled.net

More detailed progress and achievement information can be found at:


PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME WHILE FILLING OUT THE APPLICATION. Hint: one word answers and the grammar of a 2nd grader are NOT a good way to make a first impression on us. Detailed and well thought-out applications will earn attention and interest. Incomplete or poorly written applications will be ridiculed and then denied. On top of this we also expect our applicants to provide us with enough information in their application to convince us that they're worth bringing to high end progression raiding. With that in mind, all applicants are expected to provide a combatlog parse if they do not have a personal reference.

We are happy to consider server and faction transfers, though we are unable to accept you ahead of time. We understand this can be a difficult situation, so feel free to contact an officer by making an alt on the server, or by posting a message (public or private) on our forums @ www.thefabled.net. Group applications may be considered in extraordinary circumstances, though please contact us directly if that is your situation.

Your application will be evaluated based on your behavior and performance in our raids. It is also in your interest to join our FabledApps channel in-game and to sign up through our raid list mod whenever raids are being formed. Also, feel free to provide occasional updates in your application thread on the forums, whether to indicate gear improvements or to ask questions or give comments on our raids. If you have any questions before applying feel free to send an officer a private message on the forums or contact them in game.

Officers for contact: Rolfee, Romulo, Schlecht, Guac, Judah, Cyaxeres
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