Damage Per Second Recruiting for MoP

Damage Per Second is reforming for MoP! We are a 10m group, and are currently in need of the following:

--Our MOP roster is now full.

We are always looking for exceptional players. Casuals and levelers are welcome as well.

We do NOT recruit for bench spots, however, this does not mean your spot is set in stone. You must earn the right to keep your spot. If your dps/heals lacks or you can't hold threat as a tank, we will be looking for a replacement, plain and simple. We do not carry anyone. This also means you must have good raid awareness (Ex. FIRE IS BAD)

TUES: 7P-10P
WED: 7P-10P

What we expect from you:

- No drama

- 95% Raid attendance. If you have to miss a raid, we need to be notified at least 48hrs in advance. Officers will give out their phone numbers for emergency situations, since they can occur. We expect to be contacted. One no show/no call = 1 week of no loot. The second time it happens, we will replace you.

- The ability to take constructive criticism. If you can't handle being called out when you make a mistake, then this is not the guild for you. We do not yell/scream, but we will tell you what needs to be fixed.

- Mumble WITH a working microphone is required. Communication is key, and if you can't talk, then you can't raid.

-Our first raid night will be Tuesday October 16. This means you have THREE weeks to level your character to 90, learn every change that applies to your class/spec/role, learn boss mechanics, properly gem and enchant the new gear you have, and level any professions you will need.

How we run:

-We do not care about loot, or your feelings of entitlement toward a certain piece of gear. It takes 10 people to kill each boss, therefore, we roll for ALL loot. With our raid being a 10m, myself as a raid lead, and our officers know who needs what, and who will benefit from it the most. You should also know your class well enough to know if a piece of gear will benefit you. We should not have to tell you. We will step in if we need to, but it rarely happens. Yes, this means you can win 2 upgrades from the same boss.

-We provide all flasks/food needed for raids. We do expect help from guild members, whether it is taking an hour to fish or collect herbs to help make said materials. Once BOE's from raids are no longer useful to most players, those will be sold to buy materials as well.

If you have any questions, or would like more information send in game mail with class/spec you'll be playing in MoP to:

Azõg (Alt 0213)
Bump for this QT
awww ty ...
08/29/2012 01:35 AMPosted by Mutiilation

Petaaaaaaaah isn't coming back :( .../cry.
Do your raid times stay with the server's switch to DST? Would that make raid times 6-9 or 8-11 (I'm in Arizona, we don't use DST because we get enough sun as it is!).

Either way, I'm interested. I'll contact someone in game when I'm home.

I've been raiding since vanilla WoW, been playing since Vanilla Alpha testing. Done every tier, Holy Priest before BC, Warlock ever since.
Yes in your case, the raids will stay with the server's switch to DST.

Talk soon!
Still looking!
mmmmmm hmmmmmm
can raid wed.. add me i got a restodruid, mage and hunter
Where is peter... I mean psychopathy?
Anyone that joins this guild will not regret it one bit =]. Mallificent is a little fancy gnome
I don't want to join the guild, I just want your phone number
@Ngoc- Peter quit...4 months ago. He's not coming back :(

@Iskoll- we're full, but thanks.

@Skirllex-- <3

@Gideoni- no.
I just want my guild tag back T.T
Nnived, Idk what happened to you, whisper me in game :)

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