Selling some TCG pets! Get em before MoP!

Burning Legion
As the title says I have a few cards, I'd like to make a little more gold before the expansion and since I don't need on multiple toons I'm gonna sell my extras. So far I have...

Sand Scarab x6

Nightsaber cub x1

Landro's Lichling x1

Vicious Grell x1

Bloat the bubble fish x2

And lastly a Magical Ogre Idol x1

Feel free to throw some offers in this thread or send me a message in game. Thanks!
How much for all?
Not really sure, are you wanting 1 of each? Throw some numbers at me for what you think is fair.
I just bought three pets from Maelie for a decent price, went very smoothly and I would definitely purchase more from them in the future! Thanks again, Maelie!
You're welcome, thanks for the purchases! :)
Are you still selling? Mind sending me an ingame mail with names and prices please?
If you have an ally I can send you an in-game mail, unfortunately I don't have any horde on this server. Or you can real ID friend me -
Just purchased four pets, and it went really well. First time doing something like this, and it was really cool! Thanks Mael and let me know if you get any more. Maybe I can duel you in pandas.

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