PvP Trainer is now recruiting for MoP!!!

<PvP Trainer> is a Horde PvP guild bringing together skill in a relatively stress free environment. Our goal is to make the game enjoyable for all of our members and we strive to create a relaxed, helpful, and fun atmosphere for all of those involved.
We recruit serious and casual PvP-ers alike. However, we do have a few requirements. You must be level-capped, have your 1550 achievement, are fairly active, and have a sense of humor.

Our current schedule

• Regular Battlegrounds > 7 days a week > 24/7
• Rated Battlegrounds > Thursday & Sunday > 9pm PST(we are the third highest rated guild horde side)
• Raid Group > Tuesday & Friday > 9pm PST

We are currently re-establishing our RBG team and are looking for:
<Disc Priest and Frost mage>

We appreciate you reading this far. It shows that you are vaguely interested, and have a decent attention span. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact any of our Officers in game. Mydeth is our Guild Master, while myself, Zots, and Renzi, handle recruiting and helping new members. You are also welcome to post in this thread, and either myself or a guild member will try our best to answer your questions as quickly as we can.

**Please keep in mind that our guild is mostly active at night although you shouldn’t be lonely as there are people on 24/7.**
Thanks for the free bump bro!
08/27/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Wtbskills
(we are the third highest rated guild horde side)
08/27/2012 04:47 PMPosted by Bôrra
(we are the third highest rated guild horde side)

Is there a problem with that? Being only behind Exile and TCT isn't something to be ashamed of, and we'd have a higher average if like 4 people in our core group didnt xfer off midway through the season.
bed bump.
Le sigh.
I love you necro.
Hot Cheetos and Takis
We are also the number one guild for Filipinos. COME AT US BROS.
Kamusta ang buhay?
08/30/2012 06:47 PMPosted by Oree
Kamusta ang buhay?

I didn't say I was Pinoy, but we have 5 or 6.
RESOL will never die!
Still love Eddie Murphy movies.
Topz is back necro. YOU SO JELLY! RESOL 2012.

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