SlamAndAwe v2.1 (Fury/Prot/Arms addon)

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What's SlamAndAwe?
SlamAndAwe (available on Curse) is a Warrior priorities/ragebar/timerbar/uptime tracking addon that has been recently updated for MoP (v2.0) for ALL specs.

There are several configurable priority groups, which can also be set via keybinds to change on the fly depending on the encounter.

When changing specs, the priority group selection will switch automatically under the condition you're currently not using groups 4 or 5 (custom lists).

Priority group 1: Default group for Fury

Priority group 2: Default group for Protection.

Priority group 3: Default group for Arms.

Priority groups 4 and 5: Additional priority groups for configuring different situations, such as AoE rotation.

How do you come up with these priority lists?
The default priority lists are based off Simulationcraft's action priority list for level 90, T14 Heroic gear.

Why don't you show additional priority boxes like other addons?
In a priority based system where spells and procs are constantly changing the rotation at the last second, it makes no sense to show additional "upcoming" abilities. This will only confuse you and can cause you to presume a non-ideal ability should you look away.

Why does the addon update so slowly?
It doesn't. The addon is configured to display the recommended priority .5 seconds before the end of the GCD, to ensure best accuracy. For the average player, .5 seconds should be enough time for you react, though, this setting can be changed by modifying the cooldown threshold in the options.

Why does It keep suggesting HS lower then the current rage threshold I set?
Per BIS, HS is beneficial at other rage thresholds based on certain buffs or debuffs. These are statically built in to the addon depending on your current spec.

For Fury:

For Arms:

How can you help?
For any bugs, please report on curse. If you know how to profile addons using consumption, feel free to post your system specs and cpu cycle time/meminfo while running the addon so I can see if any optimizations are necessary immediately.
I'll give it a test, I've been looking for a good fury addon. I dont know much about addons using consumption, but hey.
Consumption is basically:

/con profiling on
/con poll SlamAndAwe

This will start a poll measuring cpu/mem of the addon. Just copy paste several results from different scenarios, like addon on but not attacking, addon on and active rotation, and addon disabled (ragebar only).
don't forget to turn cpu profiling back off afterwards
Good job man & thank you for this addon
v2.0.4 fixes rage and recklessness bars depending on corresponding glyphs.
Hoping to get through some more situational abilities today and tomorrow, just waiting to see if there are any nerfs/buffs coming that will change the APL.
Latest alpha adds support for Protection
ill try it out when i get home
can i just enable the ragebar portion of it? the actual "ragebar" addon on curse has yet to be updated. and i miss it. any other simple addon that displays a moveable bar displaying health/resource is appreciated.
I mean you could disable everything else but the rage bar if you really wanted, but kinda silly.
v2.0.5 now supports protection and auto switching priority lists when changing between Fury/Prot.

Priority group 1 is the default for Fury and Priority group 2 is the default for Protection. If you are currently using group 1 or 2, it will automatically switch between the 2 depending on which spec you are using.

If you are using a custom group (3, 4, 5), it will not change automatically so you'll have to use the gui or setup keybinds.
SlamAndAwe (available on Curse) is a Fury Warrior priorities/ragebar addon that has been recently updated for MoP (v2.0). I stopped development for a while when Fury was at it's low, but now it's back (even though slam is now irrelevant).

The available priorities and default priority list are based from Simulationcraft's action priority list. Most of the standard MoP abilities are currently available in the priorities list, but those that require additional logic are still being added.

Looking for some people to test and let me know of any bugs or qwerks. If you know how to profile addons using consumption, feel free to post your system specs and cpu cycle time/meminfo while running the addon so I can see if any optimizations are necessary immediately.

I may add protection as well in the future but not sure when.

I'm no hardcore warr, but i'll certainly run it and let you know if anything is off. Just from my brief tinkering I think i'm going to find it very useful.
One major flaw (Imo) i'd say is it does not calculate how much health your current target has, like I targeted a critter in Orgrimmar, upon attacking it, the priority indicator tell me to pop Recklessness. I'd say, if this was fixed, or something this addon would be perfect. Also, even with Permanent Rage Bar disabled, the Rage Bar will still show, until I click the option on and off again. This does not always happen, but when it does it is slightly annoying. Other than that, I absolutely love it so far. Great work.

Edit: An option to disable the Rage Bar completely when out of combat would be fantastic. Somewhat annoying having the bar in my screen just standing around doing nothing. :P
Calculating target health to determine if it's a boss or not is hard to do without just guessing some random value, something like anything over 1mil health.

Aside from that you can just remove reck from priority group 1, or setup a 2nd priority group in group 3/4/5 and use keybinds to switch between when you're not on a boss.

Like one for trash, one for aoe, and one for bosses.
I could make the "if boss" determination based on levels (+3), health (>1mil) or if an elite.
That would be great, really. Just anything that will help easily make the priority system easier to manage. So you don't see Deadly Calm in prio (I removed) when you start wacking a guy with just like 300k health.
Some people wanted the spell to appear faster before the end of the GCD (currently .5 sec), next update will let you set .5, 1.0 or 1.5.

This is basically the lead time for the next priority, 1.5 means some icon will always be shown (unless absolutely nothing available), but the icon will change if something higher becomes available in that time.

More of a button masher thing, I personally like .5 and just set a little bit of lag tolerance.
v2.0.6 adds the option in the priority frame menu to adjust the cooldown window (to show abilities sooner/later).

v2.0.8 adds "Recklessness on Boss" and "Deadly Calm on Boss", and were added to the default priority list.

"on boss" applies only when the unitclassification returns "boss", similar to the skull/boss displayed on a target in unitframes. For example, on a level 85 target dummy they will not appear, but on a level 88 "boss" target dummy they will.


-Adds "off gcd" to recklessness, deadly calm, heroic strike and heroic leap. This means they will only display between abilities or during the GCD. Please test and provide feedback on that.
-Added heroic leap and heroic throw back to the default priority list. Please test and provide feedback on that.
-Improved "on boss" to take account character level + 3, as certain bosses like morchok for some reason aren't considered bosses. I may add a fixed health value in the future as well.
-Improved most of the health.pct>20 abilities per Simulationscrafts APL.

Heroic strike (outside of the settable rage threshold) works as per the APL:
heroic_strike,use_off_gcd=1,if=(((debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=40)|(buff.deadly_calm.up& rage>=30))&>=20)|rage>=110

I did a run tonight and seemed pretty well, still getting used to the "off gcd" switch. There were a few moments of downtime, but think it was just rng.

Also the default priority group is based around SMF, you may need to change it up for TG.
I just wanted to say that your addon, by far, has the best rage bar of any addon i've ever used.

The only complaint I have with it, is that I wish I could adjust the height just like the width. I can get the rage bar to be the size that I want by adjusting the scale, but it would be so much easier if i could adjust ONLY the height.

Also, while this might be planned for later, but I think if you're going to keep using the priority box, you should predict 2 GCDs ahead. Even if the prediction changes, more information is almost always better.

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