Dire Beast v. Fervor v. Thrill of the Hunt

I swap depending on the fight; if there's a lot of AoE, I go with TotH. If it's a single target fight like Morchok, Zon'ozz, Hagara, Ultraxion, etc, I go with Dire Beast.
I'm using Thrill of the Hunt on the undertaking that I don't need another button on another mid-long cooldown. The only drawback is that, yes, you sometimes will miss your cobra shot window to extend serpent sting, but Improved Serpent sting takes some of the pain out of having to manually reapply. Between that and Lock & Load, I'm finding Survival very, very mobile.

Dire Beast may in fact sim out slightly ahead, but I really think the freedom and mobility Thrill of the Hunt gives you is worth more. Few fights are decided by +/- 5000 DPS. Many fights are decided by whether you died because you weren't standing in the right spot.
As BM, I use fevor mainly because it also gives my pet focus. As survival, I use thrill of the hunt (though you have to be careful not to let serpent sting fall off when you get a sudden string of procs from both thrill and locknload)
The way Thrill of the Hunt works, it might just better to just us serpent sting again... or use Multi-Shot no matter the boss... because it would refresh it without the chance of missing any LnL procs. And bounding about as survival you have plent of procs to balance.

Dire Beast would probably be best for BM because it supposedly scales with BMs pet increases. I think Thrill of the Hunt is super awesome for leveling though because it will allow for quick and easy movement between quests and killing stuff...

My opinion is completely based upon my five minutes being 85 so take anything I say with a lake of salt.
08/30/2012 01:08 AMPosted by Jordaniel
I tried all 3 and dire beast is legit but the focus regen is kinda small for that CD

It's a 50 percent uptime, and regens 40-55+focus per cast. The pet inherits your dps boosts immediately, so the damage is quite nice on it too. It's our highest DPF ability and among our highest possible DPCT abilities.

The reason it's the min-max pick is because focus just really isn't an issue like it was in early cata. Even moving forward into mists focus is much less of a concern than it was, and dire beast scales pretty well with stats too, so the damage should stay relevant.
TotH is ridic. I like to PvP and I can say it really comes in handy with running around, not having to be in fox and Cobra shotting, spamming Arcane Shot like its going out of style.

I keep it for raids and just hard cast SrS, works wonders on AoE as well and movement is never an issue. That and we already have enough buttons to push, so adding in Dire Beast was kind of a pain(imo, even though its pretty great). But at this point PvE really isn't on the top of my list of priorities and grinding reputations and PvPing means that TotH comes out on top.

Dire Beast is probably better, but TotH can be loads of fun, albeit rather repetitive. Fervor just seems wonky and yet another cooldown to use that would really just be better used on Dire Beast.
with thrill of the hunt, I don't need to go fox aspec
Dire Beast for majority of PvE seems the way to go. I see people saying with ToTH they only need to spam arcane shot. With T13 Set bonuses and Dire Beast you are still pretty much spamming arcane shot and ToTH is wasted as you are constantly focus capped. (BM/SV) persepctive.

PvP wise I would think ToTH for the mobility and lack of pet fear etc..
I agree, it is Dire Beast all of the way. I have used both Dire Beast and Thrill. I found Dire Beast to be better dps overall and I never did have issues with casting a lot of Arcane Shots anyway :p. Also, considering they rebuffed Explosive shot, it is again worth casting in its normal spot in priority.
Dire Beast is nice, but I've taken Thrill of the Hunt for Survival. Works better with the more-impressive AoE of SV, and when I'm playing SV I prefer to avoid managing too many cooldowns -- I like playing the cooldown game more as BM, but not as SV.
I've been using Fervour, and am absolutely loving it. Especially in AoE fights. Never-ending Multishot in SV is insane.
Dire Beast is at best 50 focus over 15 seconds. At worst a lost GCD and 0 focus.
I rarely feel that TotH a or Fervor are wasted when used.
Maybe if Dire Best had unlimited duration it would be more worth while.
Remember your dire beast can be killed CCd outran anytime it's not hitting the target it's wasted DPS and Focus regen
08/29/2012 07:47 PMPosted by Fekth
Dire beast all the way. I am never out of focus as a BM hunter, even in pvp. Plus its a very fun ability.

Dire Beast is bad for pvp. I don't see how you never run out of focus. Most of the time its cc'ed or your target gets killed a few seconds later. The damage isn't good with resilence and chain/plate armor classes.
i took TotH just to get rid of a button to click but like everyone else is saying it procs like mad and i love it
09/11/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Optiimus
i took TotH just to get rid of a button to click but like everyone else is saying it procs like mad and i love it

Same, Idk why but i get more dps from TotH than dire beast in surv, and i'm loosing rotation time pressing dire beast as well.
09/11/2012 12:06 PMPosted by Ungol
Remember your dire beast can be killed CCd outran anytime it's not hitting the target it's wasted DPS and Focus regen

Almost always a non-issue in pve. Pvp, that's another story.
This tier is a great example of one of the things Blizzard did right with the talent revamp -- there is no real "correct" answer here, it totally leaves the choice up to the individual playstyle with no big benefit or detriment either way. I wish all the tier choices for all classes were this balanced.

Personally, I use Dire Beast but I'm constantly tempted to try ToTH instead. The only reason I haven't so far is because DB works regardless of my range to the target, so if an opponent is putting distance between himself and I (mages blinking away to escape/Evo/etc. after CC'ing my pet), DB is more valuable than three proc shots you can't use.
I took Thrill of the Hunt, after having used dire beast for a bit...

As a MM hunter, I can say that when the proc from Multi shot goes off, and ToTH goes off, thats 3 free multi shots, and a free Multi shot can still proc another ToTH...
I really love Fervor as MM.

I use Thrill of the Hunter in PvP as Survival or BM tough. Dire Beast in PvE as both.

Dire Beast in PvP is kinda lackluster, the beast can easily be cc'd or killed.
Fervor for PvP - i reckon best control of your Focus regen when you need it for burst

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