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Hi, I change my realmlist often between EU and US; now after patch 5.0.4 when I replace "set portal us" with eu instead of us it doesn't have any effect. There's 3 more lines above this one that I tried changing but still nothing, before it was just the line I pasted.

So.. How can I change it now?
i have the same problem exept i cant even find the realmlist file

Weird you don't have it.. or have they removed it with the patch and mine didn't get deleted?
Can updates on this? It seems it was removed in patch 5.0
Having the same issue. Anyone found a solution?

Edit: Figured it out.
World of Warcraft>WTF>
>SET locale "enUS"
Change enUS to enGB or vice versa.

If that isn't there, try looking for:
>SET portal "us"
Or something similar. My whole "" file changed the first time I switched it. Not sure exactly what changed.
Works changing "SET locale "enUS" " to enGB in config. file , thanks!

Maybe they added a option to change the locale from the game, like in diablo 3.. couldn't find it yet.
Doesn't work for me :(
Works changing for me 2 "SET locale "enUS" " to enGB in config. file , thanks
On my side, I was trying to play in french on a us server. I finally managed to get it done by adding the following line in the config file

SET portal "us"

I kept the following lines intact :

SET locale "frFR"
SET installLocale "frfr"
The solution is that you aren't supposed to change your realmlist.
I'm sure none of you play private servers, but if you did, you would have to change that realmlist to do it.
On my side, I was trying to play in french on a us server. I finally managed to get it done by adding the following line in the config fileSET portal "us"I kept the following lines intact :SET locale "frFR"SET installLocale "frfr"

this works yay ! i was like wtf is going on, either way blizz is still making money when i bought both versions of the game,
i could do nothing it wont change pls help me

Hi, I have recently moved to Germany from Australia and have played WoW for years and have a developed US account.
I have a friend that I have shown the game to and he reeally wants to play, however, his English is very broken and only wants to play if there is a German language pack available (or something equivalent).
Getting a US copy of WoW in Germany isn't a problem, however the US Game Client only offers English, Spanish and Portuguese. (However, the EU servers offer German)

My question is, is there any way of somehow downloading the EU client and somehow transferring the German language folder to the US client? Or to access the US servers from the German EU client?

And with your solution, did you edit the US client's language files or EU client's servers it connects to?

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