Need more Horde-side scribes...

These prices, man. I just rolled this guy, can't pay 500g for Glyph of <Cosmetic Spell Effect>

And a few of the Glyphs I need for my alts aren't even listed.

Looks like choosing your profession should be an easy one :-)
Post what you need here and I'm sure someone will sell you some cheap ones via neutral AH, or collect materials and get a combine horde side. If I have time before I go to work tonight I'll try to help you out via neutral AH - if you let me know what you need.

Edit: offer open to anyone
Permafrost- Heh, yeah. Currently leveling it on my Druid. Only at 300 though :c

Lethalis- Thanks man! I'll get a list together, pm you on Alliance alt/post it here.
I gave up on selling glyphs with Cata. Unfortunately I have a feeling that materials are just too scarce (and after a week or two, demand) on the horde side these days to really make it profitable and worth the time investment.
My alt can make a large variety of glyphs. Shoot me an in game mail or a whisper and let me know what you are looking for.
I checked before work and it seems no one has taken me up on the offer. I'll check back once and awhile as I can (working 12 hour shifts til monday.)

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