How do I <Shoot> a gun/bow post 5.0.4

My IQ is certainly not at the retarded level, bud. And I would appreciate in the future that you not be so condescending to others...What's you IQ pall? After all I pay to play this game and require legitimate answers to legitimate questions. Thanks!
Holy necro, batman!
Let it die. This thread is just as pointless as the first time I read it months ago. It wouldn't exist if the OP had just done their own research.
I need Shoot back so I can show off my new Bow. Make it happen Blizzard.
OP, you're beyond annoying.
That is all
Please don't necro old threads. Please read the sticky at the top of the forum and the code of conduct.
I agree, some bluetext regarding this would be REALLY appreciated, seeing as how there don't appear to be any patch notes regarding a removed game mechanic.
you really shouldnt be mad about this... i should... my first run through Sunwell after the patch release... and i got the legendary bow... yeah inform me on how you think that feels? i miss the days of having to carry around ammo for my offhand sniper rifle :( pick off the lowbies with my gun.. oh what a sad day it has become.
Use shuriken toss and let this thread die. You couldn't do anything significant with ranged weapons before, so nothing has changed.
Necros people....necros
12/15/2012 08:38 AMPosted by Aeriwen
Please don't necro old threads. Please read the sticky at the top of the forum and the code of conduct.

Funny, can't seem to find anything about necro threads. My guess is that if you "weren't allowed" to post in them, they would auto-lock at a certain point.
Its in the coc at the bottom of the page. They do not automatically close.
First the government and now Blizzard... Everybody is trying to take away everyone else's guns... In all seriousness, thank you for putting up some sort of definitive info about the use of ranged weapons for warriors and the like. Got that info after spending a ridiculous amount of gold on a weapon only to find that its not usable. At least its pretty and the color matches my shoes and purse. Again, thanks...

remember every toon here has this in there Program, just got to find a good AddOn to reopen them.

This was a necro, you know.

Also, addons can't do that. And if they can, they won't for very long. Blizzard "protects" certain scripts from being activated outside official programs. In other words, certain scripts, such as the ones you mentioned, can only be activated by the client or the server, and usually both at the same time in agreement. This is to hinder abuse.
Annathene you're right to be annoyed at anyone claiming to know what's been decided by Blizzard. It appears that things have changed, but with no clear patch notes. I've been wasting my time for the last few hours trying to find the missing 'shoot' command (and I've had several rogues that used guns - I was trying to level a new character and was confused about the changes).
Blizzard should make much clearer statements, especially about something so fundamental. Otherwise we're all left wasting our time experimenting and looking for things that don't exist (not to mention buying weapons we can equip, but which are useless). Personally, I find the posing - and waving around of big, impressive looking but completely useless items - absolutely pointless. Like body builders on steroids...they end up firing blanks....
I'm in the same boat. I'm relatively new to toons using ranged weapons (1 lvl 13 rogue and 1 lvl 24 warrior) am able to equip ranged weapons but no shoot capacity. I've looked high and low and have been given lots of advice to just look for the "shoot" ability and it's not there. I'm especially puzzled by the inability for the warrior. With this kind of game, having a warrior that can't shoot, makes kind of a lame character.
Annathene is right. I feel the same way too. Sent in a ticket also. Just want an answer.

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