Raiding DK looking for new home

Well so i havnt logged in for a few im kicked from my guild. SO i need a new home. Well i plan on being ready to raid panda within the first week currently at ilvl 395 tank and 386 dps not that it matters anymore. I would prefer 10 mans and can raid late night/ mornings any day or any time on thurs/fri.

I also have a shaman dps, pally tank, lock, hunter i could use but prefer my dk

Anyone interested post here or contact me in game

Thanks for reading
I'm currently looking for a tank for our 10m, currently 8/8 heroic going into MoP you would have a spot for the long run.

Raid times 8-11pm server, Tues-Wed with possible thursday during progression.

Hit me up in game if your interested in the position. :)

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