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Hi all,
Im Twixxy! Where do i start...right now im 4/8HM but everyone knows MoP is just around the corner. Woooo!! I was in a 10man guild raiding for about 6months then along came diablo3 and before we knew it our guild had lost a few viable raiders, we tryed to continue but mehhhh we were constantly pugging incompitent raiders so as far as im concerned DS is too far gone with MoP being a month away. So at the moment im posting this to let ya'll know i am after a guild for MoP. I may be being fussy but im not intrested in a guild that is elitist or dedicate there life to raiding, im simply after a small 10m focused guild where i can be secure and get to know my guildies whilst working on hardcore progression. I also want to state that im not intrested in a newly formed guild as i have been there and done that before, didnt end pretty.

When applying for a few guilds i am constantly asked if i would be happy to change spec to disc or holy? My answer NO. I leveled my priest as disc and swapped to shadow and started enjoying the game alot more. For MoP i am somewhat intrested in getting a disc set for my off spec but but only so i can be abit more versatile for my guild, not to be raiding as a healer all the time.

I feel like i know my shadow spec inside out and i have always been happy with my build and glyphs. With the new Pre-patch im so excited to see what blizz has to offer for shadow priests and raiding in MoP because im extremely happy with it so far!
i research all my boss fights with tank boss guids on you tube but do tend to go into a few links to over veiw different strats and such, etc etc.
So i can keep up with the mechanics of my class im frequently on the websites Icy-veins, noxxic, howtopriest and max dps. i like these sites because they have been very reliable in the past and i like to veiw the forums to see what others have to say.

When raiding i dont use much in the way of addons and mods i simply use the basics being DBM, recount< threat metre and a dot timer to keep track of !@#$ when bosses can get a bit heavy and nerveracking if you will.

So, i know im not 8/8h cata content but id like to remind everyone that im a 19 year old bloke that loves nothing more then to sit back after a hard day at work and raid with my guildies. I do not put WoW before my personal life although i do seem to be playing alot more hours after a guild that pushes there limits to there absolute highest potential without having to dedicate my LIFE to it.
Right now im guildless so any raid nights are ok for me although, i do like to keep friday and saturday free in case of events like partys or gigs therefore i dont have to let the guild down by not attending. I think its safe to say that my recent attendance on a percentage would be about 97% over a 6 month period.

If there is anoyone out there who is intrested in speaking further, you can reply here or catch me in game on
tranfering cross realm or faction to find a new home is not an issue :D
thanks for taking the time to read this

Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established 8/8HM 10man guild in Dreadmaul. Our Group3 is raiding from 11pm to 2am Server Time on every Wed, Thu and Mon. Other than group1 slightly more hardcore, the other groups function like what you have descripted above - pushing for raid progression, having fun and not required to override RL needs. If you find the above suit your situation, you can contact me at realID
sorry pax those times are far to late for me.
Hello Twixxy we are currently looking for a Spriest to fill the roster for mop our raid times are 8-11pm server wed/thurs/monday for progression. We need reliable people to join our team who can make 90% of the raids and who come prepared. Looking to get into raiding asap when mop hits. reply if interested cheers :)
Hola Twixxy!
H Y D R A is as lvl 25 guild on Dath'Remar. Were 8/8H and looking for a spriest for our Red Team who raids Fri/Sat 8-11pm st, this is a core spot in MoP and were keen to fill it prior to the xpac so we can all concentrate on leveling and getting raid ready.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild but run 2 10m teams, both are independant and run concurrent with the other, all we ask for from our raiders is committment to the schedule and friendly enthusiasm with a mature attitude.

If your interested in us please see my recruitment post on the blizz forum, visit our website at // or contact us ingame.
Cheers :)
Hey there Twixxy - hope I am not too late!

[A] Connection of Dath'Remar are seeking dedicated players to join our core raid team. Our goal is to recruit players that want to join a small and friendly community while maintaining solid progression. We are a mix of players that have come from other guilds and have decided to do our own thing in MoP.

Our schedule is quite flexible at the moment but we are looking at; Thurs/Sun/Mon 8:30-11:00PM Server Time if that interests you. I can be contacted directly in-game, via our recruitment thread or via BattleTag: Belacv#6196.

Happy Hunting and good luck :)
Hello, we are currently looking for a shadow priest to join our ranks.
We raid at 7:30pm server Aus time.
if you are interested hit me up! ;O
we can chat on vent or in game its up to you, you can add me via ID also.
catch ya around
We are raiding 10 and 25 man content this expansion.

a side note: We are a horde guild by the way, so if you are interested in the guild please bare that in mind.
eagerly waiting your reply. - 2 nights a week - but quite strict on attendance.

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