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I had this strange macro synccing issue after 5.0.4. I never had this problem before playing the game on multiple PCs.

I was working on PC 1 for a couple of days, getting my macros updated. So, I logged in and out many many times on PC 1 since Tuesday, and all of my macros are up-to-date.

Last night, I logged in on PC 2 to update its addons and UI. And, I noticed that my addons on PC 2 were not updated. I was thinking maybe macros were stored locally. So, I logged out completely from PC 2. Started the game on PC 1, boom, all of macros on PC 1 were back to the out-dated versions that PC 2 had. It took me a couple of hours to finally change the macros again, and manually move the macro files to the other PC to get everything straighten out.

What bothers me in this incident is, why the Server didn't push the newer version of macros that was saved by PC 1 to PC 2, but rather took the older version from PC 2 and pushed them down to PC 1? This just doesn't make sense to me.
Yeah that tends to happen. Local version will for whatever reason take precedent if different and so when you log out, you automatically save the current local version to server. One way to avoid is to crash it (without saving), then go to PC1, copy the macros file from WTF onto your PC2 and that would have worked out ok.

After losing my macros the way you described a few times, I decided to do

/console synchronizeMacros 0

on one of my computers (the less played one) and then whenever I need to update macros, I just copy macros file over. But turning syncing off ensures even if I log onto the other computer (forgetting about this issue), it won't sync with the server and mess up my main comp's macros.
08/31/2012 11:14 AMPosted by Sedivy
Local version will for whatever reason take precedent if different and so when you log out, you automatically save the current local version to server.

This would have made sense that this is how it works if the server didn't overrite my macros on PC 1.

If local always takes precedent over server, PC 1's macro should not have been overrited.

If server always takes precedent over local, PC 2 should have gotten the updated ones from the server, rather than overriting the server.
I'm not saying local version will always take precedent or that it should.
I'm saying there are times that for whatever reason local version takes precedent and then when you log out, saves server side.

I don't know why it happens but after 3-4 times I was getting tired of it, and just de-synced one.
I'm having the same issue. I do not wish to desync any PCs but have the automatic syncing between PCs like it was prior to 5.0.4.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or 'working as intended'?
I've had the same issues since 5.0.4.. I updated macros on PC1. When I logged into PC2 no updated macros, redid manually.
I'm having the same issue. 50% of my spells are macro's. And I don't want to carry a thumbdrive around with my local macro folder.

why don't the macro's sync anymore?

Is this a perment new change?

Is there something I can do to fix it?
Fix it blizzard you guys are getting quite ridiculous with making changes and not alerting people to it, conquest points, pvp gear nerfs restoring macros to what they were during cata? my macros have been changed for over 2 months and now ritual of soulwell is back in the macro and not create soulwell ? wth are you doing? alienating your player base fix it or expect boycotts soon

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