PvP Moonkin Stat Priority 5.0.4

I'm really torn at the moment in terms of Crit gems / reforge VS haste.

As weird as it sounds I think it's going to be similar to how Elemental was in Cata. They had Haste for Arena, and Mastery for BGs/5s/RBGs.

Haste for 3s,

Crit for Random bgs, Rated Bgs and 5s - possibly? I feel like Crit really shines when you get 4-5 + targets DoTed. Where as in 3s, getting off that cyclone or hard cast healing touch is far more important and likely to get kicked. In smaller groups my kills (At least the wargame 3s I have been running) is coming from hard casting.

Whats everyone else's opinion now that we have been 90 for a little while? =)
Ive had success with going haste > mastery > crit. I see this being usefull in 2's and 3's. Right now when i get the CC set up out and I blow my CD's ( celestial alignment, natures vigil, incarnation and pvp trinket)...!@#$ dies fast. I do however lack the 24/7 starsurge procs. I see the crit stacking useful for 5's and rbgs. For arenas, getting off my casts, primarily clones and roots, helps in 2's and 3's when im getting focus'd.
you are 86 shush we are talking 90 not tiny 86
I find stacking all pvp power to work quite well, im at around 42% and i dont see a lack in starsurge crits or anything my damage is high moonkin is enjoyable this way
For PvP I go 5% Hit > 20%-25% Crit > 20% Haste (If possible) > Mastery and for gems I do Red - Intel/ Pvp power, Yellow/Blue - Crit/PvP power

I go this route because of Shooting Stars, more procs you can get the more dmg you can do.
I too am wondering about stat priorities right now in PVP. I'm primarily a solo BG'er who random queues all day. I'd love to get into RBG's but I can never seem to find a group (any tips on how to get into a casual/semi-serious RBG with zero personal rating?) :\

However, I recently started up arenas again after a multi-year hiatus. I haven't "seriously" done arenas since S2/S3... holy crap is it a different ball game now. I'm playing 2's at the moment with a guildmate, neither of us are really aiming that high and our comp is pretty crappy (Misweaver/me), we're mostly just running them for conquest points.

So... I'm mostly wondering what stats would be good for a combination of arenas and BGs. In BGs I get focused a lot, so I've been stacking resilience. I'm considering dropping all my extra resilience in favor of PVP Power, but I don't know if it's worth it.

Another thing I'm on the fence about is haste vs. crit, for both reforging and gearing. I enjoy crit for BG's because more targets = more SS procs. I'm not so sure about it in arenas though. My burst is awful in arenas; I end up juggling CC on one person in 2's so much that I don't think I'm fully benefiting from my crit gear. At the moment I'm gearing with haste for the extra tick on Rejuve/Tranq, then picking up all the crit/mastery I can.

Lastly... any opinions on the Medallion PVP trinkets? It seems most people are picking up the mastery one and reforging it off to crit/haste. But there's a crit trinket available too... I don't know which one to pick D:
Any feed back?
I think in terms of stats, it's once you reach 15k spellpower (making threshhold up, but it's around there) PvP power becomes > int.

For secondary stats, eclipse does indeed have a huge up time now. Haste is good for pvp, but crits win games. When I have all my cds up and get a 170-200k starsurge, that wins games. I get those numbers from prioritizing mastery -> crit -> haste.

That's just how I like to play though. I could see haste having some benefits as well, and have yet to try it out this expansion.
Crit is pretty much a necessity for any comp with a boomkin, you aren't going to widdle people down anymore like dot cleave cataclysm. Your kills are going to be centered around bursting people down very VERY quickly with SS procs + coordinated damage from your partner. Boomkin is a complete support class, setting up kills revolves around how well your partner calls for CC/damage/peels. Crit generally offers more opportunities for kills via SS procs, not to mention the burst damage is fairly incredible.

Hard casting wrath/starfire just isn't that rewarding as far as pressure goes (Which !@#$ing sucks) because now it's a matter of who has to cast less. Most of the hard casts you will end up doing are Cyclone/Healing touch while allowing your starsurges to flip you into the opposite eclipse.

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