5.2 Competitive Fire PvP (in progress)

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It's not a pve change, a blue posted earlier it was a PvP change. It's a horrible PvP change, I'm mad about it.
ahhh i see it now i had to use bluetracker to find it...

The 3 second cooldown is affected by Haste, and this isn't intended to affect PvE. It's there to limit the number of Pyroblasts that can be chained together.

hrmph, whatever. why didn't he say this in the patch notes beyond me.
I'm pretty sure this will impact PVE as well. Probably not as significantly though. I wonder if Alter Time removes the cooldown...
10/19/2012 12:18 PMPosted by Bloobungle
I'm pretty sure this will impact PVE as well. Probably not as significantly though. I wonder if Alter Time removes the cooldown...

Alter Time doesn't reset any other cooldowns so I doubt it.
Fire has just been neutered to the max in mop. I LOVE fire it's my preferred spec for pvp and pve but sad thing is 5.1 is telling everyone to play frost like most mages have done all throughout wow. I mean improving the frost pet and hurting our proc. why didn't they just dum down the damage. I can barily find partners for arenas if I say fire Mage. I would love to know your thoughts.
Sit back and relax a bit. I imagine other classes will be changing over the next few weeks as well.

Why exactly do you guys see fire as a horrible spec now? It's not easy to play, I'll give you that. And it's certainly not designed to kill something instantly. Asides from the broken BM hunters, what really frightens you? I feel pretty confident going toe to toe with any class.

We don't have as much random AoE damage to pad meters but the trade-off is a smooth game-play with the constant ability to CC or do damage.

In all honesty, the only thing holding fire back is OVERTUNED abilities of other classes. You know what? I think rogues are amazing. I also think ferals are too. But when you compare them to hunters or warriors, what do you think? When mindless classes are doing astronomical damage, everything looks bad in comparison.

As for Ikhnaton's comment,
What do you consider competitive? I know players that think 1600 is an achievement. Some guys get stuck at 2000 and absolutely love it.
Can you explain the reasoning behind the change to pyroblast in the upcoming patch or possibly get a CM to post on the matter?

Won't affect PvE at all. Getting 7+ Shatted Pyros in PvP was dumb.

can anyone recall ever getting 7 pyroblasts in a row in pvp? i can't...maybe the most was 3-4 tops if i was extremely lucky
7 Pvp Pyroblasts in a row is completely insane to pull off in a pvp situation. Ghostcrawler must of temporary lost his mind with that comment. 4 Max if you're awful and get PoM as a pvp fire mage lol no scorch. Shatter an off target for proc. Switch targets Freeze the target, hardcast fireball, deepfreeze, use pyro proc(1)into another proc (2) another proc (3)alter time that proc and PoM proc (4)(5) Combust proc (6) if that crits then a possible 7th. No way in hell you're getting that done in an arena or bg for that matter. No serious fire mage is going to get presense of mind anyways. There is noway the current fire changes with stay as they are on the ptr. I feel you bloo but dude this is ridiculous. They are making things up now lol.
uhhh.... you can't use lust in arena
double uhhh.... no fire mage will use pick pom over scorch for arenas
It's not hard... HAHA I hope he was just being sarcrastic. How many classes can purge pyroblast! now? Let's see...

DK, hunter, mage, priest, shaman, and warlocks? And at the cost of what? Right. Almost nothing.

I'm not arguing against the change here. I am all for it as long as other broken ways to do burst are addressed.

On a side note for those still into the fire thing...
Haste is pretty balla' once again. Give it a shot!
i wish they would make pyroblast like fingers of frost, can't be friggin' dispel off....i've been playing fire for past 4 years and i'm afraid i might have to switch back full time frost, ugh.
10/23/2012 03:46 AMPosted by Paihn
Its not hard. Get 3 heat-stacks.

Wtf is a heat stack? XD
I think he is referring to a fire place. Not a bad idea really...

A fire place in the bathroom you say!?
Surely a must-have!
i'm trying the 15% haste...with ice armor i get 23% and my evocation is reduced to 4.87s

i wonder if using invocation in bgs might be a good thing to try since that buff can't be dispel off
I'm guessing since the nerf to Pyroblast, and the change to combustion that fire mages will be centered around the large Pyroblast crit to achieve a high combustion?

Also could you maybe do a video guide? Some How to(s)

And straight haste now I guess..

EDIT: Could mastery be a beneficial stacker?
Doing a massive amount of damage with Pyroblast will certainly help. I've come to find that Combustion doesn't really kill anything anymore anyways. I actually use it during my burst setups most of the time for a non GCD instant crit to proc another Pyroblast...

I'll obviously need to change this around a bit next patch though because of the 3 second cooldown. Getting multiple Pyroblasts simultaneously won't be as strong as casting Fireball shatters. Just more of a reason to appreciate haste!

I've considered the whole mastery thing and I bet it would be disgusting for Combustions. Pair yourself with someone that has the +3000 mastery buff and go nuts! Perhaps a RBG thing? I couldn't imagine trying to arena without haste. I'd feel like my partners were completely carrying me.

I'm going to look into using Glyph of Combustion as a way to really do some hurt. What's the haste cutoffs with this? 2.5, 7.5, 12.5, 17.5....?
10/27/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Bloobungle
I'm going to look into using Glyph of Combustion as a way to really do some hurt. What's the haste cutoffs with this? 2.5, 7.5, 12.5, 17.5....?

http://ragial.com/mhaste/ still works even though it's 85

15% gives us an extra tick on our 3 spells but you already know that. i was going to try mastery before going balls out haste. my damage seems meh unless it's in shatters. shaman fire elemental hit harder then my scorch, that is totally insulting imo

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