5.2 Competitive Fire PvP (in progress)

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hows fire pvp since 5.1 and that stupid combustion hotfix? i haven't had the motivation to log on in the past couple weeks and the only fire threads i'm finding (of course) are pve ones

bloo, noticed you been trying out temporal shield too, you liking it?
Unless Blizz rescinds the latest castration of Fire, I'd assume only the truly masochistic amongst us would continue down the path of "Fire PvP" (an oxymoron, it would seem...).
It's glorious if you ask me. Then again, I haven't done 3vs3 in quite some time.

I do think that burst damage is still WAY too high, but that makes for an entire topic itself.

Temporal Shield is wonderful in RBG's and in matches that you think you'll only die to some sort of ridiculous burst. Being able to dispel it is the only downside.

I feel your pain. I don't have a ton of motivation to log in and play either. The satisfaction of actually winning has kind of diminished with the whole burst thing PvP has become.
mage fire....is no more....
good pvp spec....as fire....is no more

been playing around with temporal shield myself for the past few days and it's pretty sweet. i did over 2 million self healing in tok bg...great shield when you "time" it right

now combustion on the other hand... what a piece of crap spell now. good luck getting a string of ignites rolling to get any damage out of it what so ever. i swear it still double dips resilience but blizzard won't admit to it.
Incoming more nerfs...

I have just seen a tweet by GC...

.@Rick97950219 We are concerned that trinket nerfs were not sufficient in curbing mage and warrior burst. Discussing options.

Blizzard already killed the fun in the Fire spec for PVE for me... And I predict they will screw us up even more.

About time they separate PVE from PVP completely.
I feel like I've lost touch with my true roots! I apologize for being a huge bum and eating candy corn all day. I promise it will never happen again.

Quick updates:
- Changed a few things in the original post. Nothing critical to mention, consider it upgraded aesthetically.

- I've joined the dark side and now sport resilience. I still stand by haste as a valuable stat and will kick anyone in the teeth that thinks otherwise. Resilience however allows you to remain offensive by not having to worry as much about damage. You essentially trade defensive GCDs for more offensive oriented GCDs. In a sense, it's my haste argument in reverse. Cast more spells to stay ahead of the curve!

- Temporal Shield, Blazing Speed, and the Ice Barrier choice is life altering against every 3v3 comp out there. Temporal Shield is arguably the best choice for RBGs. I hate trying to put my thoughts into words but, I will willingly expand upon this idea if people are interested.

- Changes to the 'on use +SP' trinket has brought me back to using 2 of these. Coupled in with engineering gloves, I'm essentially running around for 50 seconds every minute with some sort of buff. Steady state bananas!

Tweeter Birds:
- I'm fairly certain that any active PvPr would support a nerf to frost bomb and warrior cooldowns. We may or may not be on the receiving end of that beating. Removing the mastery bonus to Frost Bomb or destroying the Glyph of Fire Blast would probably be enough to fix that. As for warriors? Who knows. I'd hate to see them redesign their mobility and utility.
12/10/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Trollmadruga
@Rick97950219 We are concerned that trinket nerfs were not sufficient in curbing mage and warrior burst. Discussing options.

nerf humans, problem solved.

12/10/2012 03:56 PMPosted by Bloobungle
destroying the Glyph of Fire Blast would probably be enough to fix tha

i saw a gc tweet saying they might remove the instant explosion for frost bomb on the glyph

and i don't think fire is going to get anymore nerfs, frost is what needs attention damn it!

edit* we got a tiny buff in a hotfix the other day...

Critical Mass now multiplies the critical strike chance of Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Pyroblast, and Scorch by 1.3 (was 1.25).
Inferno Blast now spreads Ignite, Pyroblast, and Combustion to 3 surrounding targets.
im seeing a lot of top fire mages reforging out of haste entirely and running around with 20%+ mastery...kinda confusing to me tbh O_O
Great post Bloo, always good stuff.

I really like using Blazing Speed on my mage because it makes it easier to get off those Dragon's Breaths where you need them in addition to being undispellable. I find it really good vs turbo cleave, for example, when otherwise you would have any other defense purged to death.

Good chances they actually play as Frost or have been drinking a lot of egg nog.
LOL what about hansol? he never plays frost

and especially that guy...my god lol

going to go out on a limb here and say i really don't think there's much competitive play in the eu battlegroups for arena so you will see crazy ratings and weird comps like he plays with
^ thats not true at all. eu is very competitive. they typically do different set ups than na tho and they stomp na comps many times
as of hotfix on dec 11 fire blast glyph causes 50% damage reduction to frost bomb detonation. so i guess let it detonate on its own and hope it doesnt get dispelled? :(
^ wrong thread bro
12/13/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Amazing
^ wrong thread bro

Actually Frost Bomb is usable for any spec.

Frost bomb is more burst inside the deep freeze

Pyro(Bomb Explode)
i know its usable in any spec but its by far the worst bomb to use as fire.

#1 frost bomb wont benefit from frost mastery thus wayyyyyy less damage
#2 frost bomb is another cast when we are already casting a lot (scortch)
#3 you wont be reforging into super mastery so again wayyyyyyy less damage
#4 fire needs to b mobile, fire bomb and nether tempest allow you that mobility

hense why no fire mage uses frost bomb. hits like a we noodle

especially after todays nerf

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