5.2 Competitive Fire PvP (in progress)

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Ideally you want to use combustion after a pyroblast crit as it applies a dot based on the ignite debuff. Since combustion also stuns the target for 3 seconds, it can be used as another interrupt in a pinch.
Goob! pretty much laid out the general idea.

If you want Combustion to be somewhat effective, you'll want to align several high hitting spells into a 6 second window. There's a ton of ways to do this and it will basically come down to your creativity. You should also know that Ignite does NOT apply instantaneously when a spell lands. The delay is probably in the millisecond range but in either case, it's good to be a little slow when applying Combustion after a spell.

In some cases I simply use it to generate a non-GCD crit. This opens up another Pyroblast! opportunity. I'd say 9 times out of 10 the Combustion dot is not what actually lands a kill for me.

Nether Tempest or any bomb for that matter is not critical to have going at ALL times. It certainly helps with your overall pressure though. That and the Pyromaniac debuff gives you a little extra spice on your fire spells (10% damage).
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Also... How exactly do we counter DK's or Hunters, they've been pretty tough to beat for me.

In a 1v1 situation you shouldnt.
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Thanks for the quick responses, but I have two more newbie questions if you guys would be so kind to indulge me.

The not so quick response :)

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First off, I'm still a little hazy on how ignite and combustion work together. Do spells keep adding to the damage ticks until it expires and then reapplies itself? Or is something else happening.

Ignite applies a dot that burns for 4 seconds. The strength of the dot is determined by your Mastery and the damage done by Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Inferno Blast, Scorch and Pyroblast. It reapplies when you cast another of the above spells, adding in any remaining damage from the previous dot.

12/21/2012 03:47 AMPosted by Czarki
Right now I usually combust after I get a pyro proc off on my target when they're in DF but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

A simple combo I use is nova, scorch finished with a DF. This gives me Heating Up. Inferno Blast (Hot Streak), Pyroblast! (crit, Heating Up), Combustion (crit, Hot Streak). Now they are out of DF so the follow up Pyroblast! may or may not crit.

My second question is, what's your reasoning for picking Frost Jaw over RoF?

Also... How exactly do we counter DK's or Hunters, they've been pretty tough to beat for me.

I'll leave the Frost Jaw vs RoF to the pros like Bloobungle. I use Ice Ward as I like having the extra nova.
My second question is, what's your reasoning for picking Frost Jaw over RoF?

Also... How exactly do we counter DK's or Hunters, they've been pretty tough to beat for me

About Frostjaw vs RoF: the fact that it's a single target ranged spell makes it easier to cast (at least for me), and excludes the possibility of losing it by having the foes moving away from the circle.

Countering DK's: fighting a DK requires you to pay attention to spells like Dark Simulacrum (when under this effect, cast a harmless spell like Arcane Explosion) and Anti-Magic Shell (try to spend the 5 secs it takes for the spell to wear off using a defensive CD). Also, Scorch should be your main spell to trigger Hot Streak (this way you can avoid being interrupted).

Countering a Hunter: I have a real problem with them since vanilla, but lately I'm having success by burning my CD's on them while watching for the Deterrence. Avoid panicking because of the pets; just Frost Nova them and move on. Also, make a good use of Frostjaw here. Try to stay close to the Hunter as much as possible, so you can make a proper use of Frost Nova and Dragon's Breath.
Rest in peace.
How are things for everyone this season? Making any serious progress as fire? We have some cool things around the corner in 5.2... A lot of scary looking abilities for other classes too
I'm seeing Hansol and Spoilz making good progress, but I'm personally scared to go back to Fire.
watching the hansol youtubes are entertaining... bored til 5.2
Love my fire mage.. i just love this rotation.. Frostjaw-Deep Freeze- Combustion- Inferno Blast- wait for Pyroblast to proc and Whalaa.. most enies will be down to almost half health before they know it.. Oh and Glyph of Combustion really does a number :)
The entire thread will be updated over the next few days. I intend on discussing the most recent changes and adding some tips for everyone to work with.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the fire mages who will be receiving titles this season!!!

Huge shout out to Spicychopz who somehow managed to pull off a 2500+ rating on Ruin, the battlegroup I also pretend to compete in. I was betting on your team in the rank 1 battle Monday evening.

It looks as if Hansol and Volkanyx (spelling?) will be up there amongst the other gladiators as well!

Cheers to you guys and the partners that put up with our fire-like shenanigans.
Updated a few sections.
Good food, good meat, good God, let's eat!
- Crit is crucial for obvious reasons. I still find it necessary to have haste though. You can't really set anything up if spells never land.

I think you mean hit, not haste
Competitive Fire PvP: Reroll to frost.
Ignore the comment above me.

A pretty good combo I've discovered can allow you to dish out a lot of damage in a very short amount of time:

1. Cast PoM

2. Cast frost nova on a close target

3. Cast deep freeze (I'm not sure if this works better with or without the glyph)

4. Insta-cast Pyroblast for a free crit

5. Cast Inferno Blast

6. Cast another Pyroblast which you can usually cast before the deep freeze ends

That's TWO GUARANTEED CRIT PYROBLASTS against a frozen target, and if you're lucky you can get a THIRD one off after they're unfrozen. This results in about 300k worth of damage depending on your gear and of course your target's gear. If you have PvP gear and the target doesn't they're basically dead by the second pyroblast. Ya... I'd like to see a frost mage do that.
Appreciate the ideas Tabuu!

Check out my latest update on post #4. I think you'll enjoy these combinations. Takes a lot of practice, especially if you want to incorporate Incanter's Ward into it.

Super deadly too!


Bluemotion clearly has been drinking a lot of egg-nog! What is this hateful message he has left us?
Oh... looks like I TLDR'd it :/ Basically posted a simpler version of the combos you posted on the first page! I sure feel silly.

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