Rate the Above Warrior Transmogrification!

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Argh, I can't find any decent n' recent (hey look, I'm a poet; whoop-dee-doo) threads like this, so... you all know what to do!
@Amaretta. I like it. Really original.
Speaking of originality. I know mine's kinda a legit set, but come on. Only thing better than this set is the heroic of... Yup, you guess it. This set. :p
hot 9/10 would have given more but it just look too manly to be a blood elf. there is no hunter morg thread so im getting in here.
^^ A hat with horns on it. Hard to go wrong there.
^ 10/10 hot damn, you found the perfect helm to match your armor. nice job
nice sprawl,
gloves dont quite match, maybe the exalted gauntlets instead? [item="http://www.wowhead.com/item=14976/exalted-gauntlets#." /]
8.5/10 Jaxrek

I actually really love that transmog. Normally, I'd despise all warrior PvP gear from Cata seasons, but you make it work really well. I just can't help but notice the belt, sorry. =( It's not silver enough.
Bahaha, forgot to switch to this character. Disregard the silly drood post! Just.. erm.. pretend this character said that. =P

Silly me! ^_^
Hi there
1/10 for not rating. :>
meh cheater! wats with the cloth headpiece?? and several pieces are not transmogged they are the actual piece!!! (edited to say Im just teasing you)
Ill give you a 6/10, downgraded for the above but plus one for showing the belly. :)
Anyway we need better poses in armory makes it hard to see some of your gear.
(I swaped out the belt :) ) I have logged out in my dps set now so hopefully it updates
Hehe. xP Yeah, I have a set that's transmogged, but it has my guild tabard on it, and I don't have a main hand sword yet, so I can't really mog that. =P I would show my mogged helm, but there are no black plate helmets that don't cover your face. Booo. =(

Skip me, though, because I've already rated Jax in above comments! :P

Very nice set! Dont think ive seen anything like it around.

Nice use of Deathbone. Doesn't get used very much. 8/10 cus the helm doesn't quite match in color or style.
nice sprawl,
gloves dont quite match, maybe the exalted gauntlets instead? [item="http://www.wowhead.com/item=14976/exalted-gauntlets#." /]

I'm trying to go for the Kor'kron look. Everything besides my chest, weapon and boots match them perfectly. (for the record, there are no retrievable boots that exactly resemble the Kor'kron boots)
Here is my set. It took me a while to get the swords and I susally have th Stormwind tabard (the really detailed one) on. I'm still not really satisfied with my my sword yet either.
7/10 Looks pretty nice but it's mostly just a pvp set. (not that original)
7/10 I like the over all wolf set, but I personally don't think the sword matches

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