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09/03/2012 12:54 AMPosted by Samuels
7/10 I like the over all wolf set, but I personally don't think the sword matches

6/10, the design is neat but the colours don't match.
8/10 - Main hand weapon needs to be improved.
9/10 because everything fit perfectly but i prefer more colorfull set :P
Showin' some skin, that's hot.

Nice set, only peev is the different shade of red for the shoulders.

Zephos amazing mog :)
im only giving you a 9/10 because your swords are blocking it.
Nice 8/10

Always be ready for an attack. But yeah those things are totally in the way.....

7/10, i think you can find another sword that fits better, probably dw normal version?

Not a bad set—don't really like the belt, though. 8/10

Also, if anyone has any ideas for a black plate helm that does not cover the face or look too bulky, I'm all ears.
MMmmhh 8/10

cuz its original and matches your race well
well if u go on my armory its the shoulders from the set ... i didnt found a single pair of shoulder that has that pink color .... If someone has any idea

btw 8/10....simple set are pretty nice :P
MMmmhh 8/10

cuz its original and matches your race well

that's true to the horde look.

(i'm not mogged, nor warrior, please don't rate)
@Percidios 9/10 Looking red like your rage...although wearing a metal thong doesn't look that intimidating xD
@Chaos 9/10 those shoulders look bad !@#, a second sword would make this set complete : P
9/10, perfect, but the boots aren't matching.
@Faliz 9/10
Not bad, not the most original, but I do like the shovel.
8/10. I was looking at the wrong set in my original post.

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