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simple but cool

here goes i give ya a 6/10 boots and belt dont match but the redness is nice
Really nice on a goblin. I've always loved that helm. Nice shield too if it's the one I think. 9/10
Love it! :) I was rolling with the swiftsteel shoulders for a while too. I call it the Liberace set.
You must stick out like a sore thumb in PvP: 8/10.
Very orcish, 8/10
I see what your going for but the shoulders are a different shade, 7/10

I didnt put much effort into this i just wanted a set to go with the pvp sword, got bored of T6 after a while (kind of impossible i know, but it happened)

Was never a fan of T5, sword doesn't really match either.
7/10 tabard and cloak must gtfo
not really sure if the sword and board go with it but naked is naked

7/10....lost points for lack of originality. Heroic gear is heroic though.
Not much better for an orc. Big weapons, spikes, perfect. 10/10.

A point comes off from the fact that you're using a set (and therefore relying more on someone else's creativity).

My set is incomplete at the moment. But, you can definitely get a good idea of my direction by looking at it at the moment. I'm waiting for a sword to xmog to (PvP sword). I am about to level up alchemy and blacksmithing so that I have a more neutral colored katana model (and so I can get a whole gang of samurai 2H sword classes). Also, for Pandaria:


Those plate shoulders should help. Also, the Cataclysmic gladiator's helm will go with the beige shoulders to give me the more fully armored look.

I'm working on getting some of those robe leggings from ICC. Anyways, I'll be sword arms samurai xmogged for some good time now, maining this guy instead of my DK.

I'll probably make a tank set that looks as close to a Viking as possible, since WotLK is starting to become more forgotten.
I have 3 sets. First was the typical purple judgement which I no longer use.

Next for my prot pvp set I have the overlords set with a different helm.

My arms pvp/pve is set is the Black Deathbone set.

8/10, I do like the prot pvp set as it looks very realistic.

Arms set - I'd have to say 7/10, doesn't scream awesome.
9/10 i love the vanilla pvp look!

and go easy im not completely done yet :( hahaha
8/10, I do like the prot pvp set as it looks very realistic.

Arms set - I'd have to say 7/10, doesn't scream awesome.

You really have to see the full set live to see how cool it actually looks!
6/10, meh, too simple for my taste!
9.9 out of 10

that armor looks really unique, you just need a matching weapon!

the tabard kinda clashes the getup ^_^u....but overall great gear (i would get the doomplate shoulders and chest as they have the same model, and a little more purple in them to match your other pieces)

9/10 (discounting tabard mainly)

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