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As of Tuesday after the 5.0.4 patch my latency has been utterly unbearable, between the hours of 5Pm to 2Am Server Time my latency is in the thousands, ranging from 1k to 20k, outside of those hours it fluctuates between 200-400 MS which is still pretty bad considering I've been playing WoW for about a year now with 100-130 MS and this is the first time I've had anything like this happen. This is becoming quite frustrating. I've literally tried everything I could think of and contacted and did everything the GM suggest, nothing works and I am absolutely positive that the problem is WoW it self. My internet works as is normally does for everything else whether WoW is open or not. I've had another player log onto my account from another location and not have lag, I have also logged into a different computer from my location and the latency is still the same. I can play WoW and D3 at the same time on the same computer and have D3 work perfectly fine and WoW have really high latency. This latency exists with or with out every add on disabled. I've also tried completely re-installing WoW and that failed.

In a nutshell, I want to believe its my internet that is causing the issue but I also think it isn't since everything else loads and works perfectly fine whether WoW is open or not.

Does any one else have issues similar to this or is this some mysterious force telling me to quit WoW and go get a life?
Same problem with me on Jubei' Thos. my net is fine.. i believe its WoW not my net
I've reinstalled ect ect done all that crap. still the same problem. only it happens at 7pm server time (local time here to)

Bump !@#$ing bump
Glad I'm not the only one with this issue, really hope some one comes along with a fix soon. It is extremely frustrating going from never having latency issues to this.
aye, pisses me off. the one night i couldnt raid, Heroic Vashink dropped. !@#$ing %^-*ty lag

Been having the same issues, constantly at about 600 MS at all times since patch, always spikes to about 1600 and makes it almost unplayable. Also get disconnected a lot, even after logging in for the first time it says "character not found" after trying again i get disconnected entirely.
Your not alone my friend. People all around the world (literally) are having this same issue. The blues are ignoring it on our forums, however they have blue responses and a stick on the European forums. I put in a ticket saying I tried everything step for step on your trouble shooting latency page, and i got the auto response "go to our trouble shooting latency page" to fix your problem. That was two days ago and they haven't responded back to my reply yet.
I am also having real high world latency lissues on Saurfang. Through the day it was fine but after 5pm, it seems almost unplayable. I am getting between 1k and 27k world latency. I am getting sick and tired of seeing toons running up and down on the one spot all the time and my toon automatically returning to the same spot after I have moved from my location!
I have restarted my modem, disabled addons, upgraded drivers, defragged my pc, reduced background programs and disabled my firewall and antivirus, all to no avail!
This has only happened since Patch 5.0.4 and everything has downloaded and installed.
I have sent Blizz my DxDiag, MSInfo32, Pathping and Route Tracer so we shall see what they have to say but I am fairly confident that it isn't from my end!
Please fix this Blizz!!
Same at the end of all the !@#$ the GM made me do I didn't have enough care to do the pathping and tracert tests.....Its really sickening and frustrating.....I asked if this was a known issue and it very well seems to be but probably isn't important enough to have any attention given to it....
GUYS i need him to finish carrying my second group to 8/8HM someone HELP!!!!
yah it sucks, Had to lower all my graphics to fair, borderline low , on a computer that usually runs it smoothly on Good+ with all addons.. Now i cant even go into a dungeon with any addons, though i made sure to update them for the new patch =.= if i ever do : Lag and crash instantly.

Ive asked bunch of people ingame and all were saying the same thing , ever since the patch nothing works right lol. And from what i can see some are having it worse.

5.0.4 your such a bundle of complete ...''Joy''

someone fix this so he will stop complaining plz
Having the same latency problems here. WoW became nearly unplayable since the 5.0.4. Hope it gets somehow solved, seeing my game time vanishing doesn't amuse me at all.
GW2 anyone ?
Oddly enough, it was working fine and smooth Tuesday night for me. It's been ever since Wednesday (likely when all the hot fixes and re-patching went in) that it has been causing me problems. Anywhere as "low" as 750ms to as high as 5000+ms.

For reference, my World latency is generally 30-40ms.
I'm having the same problem. I'd constantly ask in battlegrounds if anybody else had been experiencing it, they'd just call me a retard and tell me to get a better computer and get a new network rather than a wallmart internet connection? It's really frustrating. My computer is High-End, and i'm on an 8 MB/s download speed university connection. Only World of Warcraft has this latency issue, and it only started happening since the new patch 5.0.4 was released. I moved into the dorm 3 days before the patch hit, latency was incredibly low. 15 ms low. Now it's in the 15,000 ms. Mostly happens in battlegrounds. Haven't tried dungeon instances. And sometimes happens when i'm just out hanging in elwynn forest etc. Frostmane-US-PVP server.
A lot of people have these problem. People from Australia, Canada, Panama, Trinidad, Europe, etc. 5days waiting for a solution :/.

Tracert seems to be ok. no * anywhere, 120ms max in one the rest 98-110ms. But getting 100ms home and randome spike in world (100ms and then 800-2000ms)

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