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Just did some 2v2 with some random bad on my team. 70 twinks that is. Vs a spreist bm hunter. Im a rogue and my !@#$ partner was a hpally. I managed to kill the hunter somehow without dying. Even after I killed him my pally died. At this point. Its me vs this spreist. And Im around a 2.2k+ player. So I think "lol gg" No. I could barely get this guy below about 80 percent health. Even in a full kidney shot I only got him to about 50 percent health all together. And then soon as hes out its fear spam, or psyfiend. Heal to full. Which is anyone of his heals. He was doing massive amounts of damage to me some how I managed to last for about 5-10 minutes. But with a caster having that much cc, damage, and anyone of his heals is instant full health, clearly needs to be fixed. Rogues are pretty under powered atm. But still. I couldnt hit anything over around a 800~ on this guy. This issue with healing and resil scaling needs to be taken care of soon. The bracket is dying very fast!
Well, to reply to your #2a, I would have hell being top in damage at the lvl 90 bracket as a Holy Paladin, thats even when i try to deal damage. The upper level brackets, healers are far more balanced than lower level brackets (typically starting around level 65+). However, if you are talking about lower level PvP, then I do agree with the fact that Healers are out damaging DPS specs, not to mention out DPS'ing DPS only classes (Mages, Warlocks, Rogues), which is just wrong is so many ways because it makes them incredibly hard to kill. A simple Holy Shock fully heals anyone, and can take out half of your health when used as a damage dealing ability. What i find more ridiculous is the ability to kill Shadow Priests. If they are just kind of good, then they are hard to kill. The use of these Flash heals in DPS classes needs to be done away with. If they must have a heal (as if Power Word: Shield and Psychic Scream isn't enough, not including Psyfiend, if they choose that Talent), then give them one that casts slower than 1.5 secs. They are not healer spec'd, so treat them like it.

Aditional note: Lower levels should not be having the use of older expansion, higher level abilities. That is one of the things making low level PvP, ridiculous.

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