[A] <Machin Shin>recruiting for 25 man raids

Do you enjoy the epic feeling of 25 man raiding? The men and women of <Machin Shin> do and we invite you to join our ranks. We are a well-established alliance semi-hardcore raiding guild, which has been around since Molten Core. We like to keep the raiding atmosphere fun, but we are serious about hardmode raiding. Help us keep the 25 man raids alive and join us for Mists of Pandaria. We are currently running 10 man raids, but we are building to get back into 25.

We are looking for players who know how to play their class, are raid aware, can commit the time needed and who enjoy raiding for the challenge. Our current need is for all classes, our website has more information. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm – 12am.

If you are interested, please apply at machin-shin.org or talk to us in-game.

25 man raiding
Roles Needed -
  • Tanks - Low Priority
  • Healers - Medium Priority
  • Ranged DPS - Medium Priority
  • Melee DPS - High Priority
DK, Warlock and Warriors in High Demand
Raid Times -
  • Tuesday 9pm – 12am
  • Wednesday 9pm – 12am
  • Thursday 9pm – 12am

Website - www.machin-shin.org
New domain name. Now with more chewy goodness.
For great justice.
/bumps for MS!!!

<hugs> to my ppl!
<licks> to all!

Lune :P
<aka that licking drood>
/bumps with cookies and brownies!
Great place to call home. Solid progression and great people. "Your gonna like it here, I guarantee it"
Are you in need of being loved long time? Well join us, and take a adventure in to pandarian raiding, and we shall own and love you long time at the "same danm time". thx.
I'll bump this and maybe Blizz will let me log in.
Great place to call home and have an amazing time raiding too !
All the cool kids joined, so i joined too. but the cool kids are 18+ so please be 18+ if you wish to join!
Join us my friends, and we bring back 25man loots! Remember, 25man awards more gears than 10man!
Zul'jin going off-line/on-line so it's bump time!
Good place to raid, progress, and share brownies and cookies!

Lune :P
Bump. We need more raiders to keep 25man alive!
17 Hours to go.

go go panda power
Holdmeback da fishing pole rbg master
Surprisingly we are still in need of DPS.
up, up and away
We resorted to exploits in order to get our first Hogger kill, but we've gotten better, I promise!

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