[H] Înfernum - Recruiting for MoP Raids (10m)

Raid Progression Info:

  • Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6
  • Heart of Fear - 3/6
  • Terrace of Endless Spring - 3/4

  • About Înfernum:

    We're a group of WoW veterans who have recently returned after holding World #3 on SWTOR. Many of us are world-ranked players, holding multiple US100 or lower kills from Vanilla - Cataclysm. Our DPS have held multiple #1 parses for their classes on several fights via WorldofLogs.com throughout multiple content tiers.

    Essentially we're looking to recruit like-minded and like-talented individuals who are competitively driven and strive to raid on a quality over quantity schedule. Many of us are quite busy with professional matters or college educations outside of the game, with that in mind we make every minute count inside of raids. We maintain a progression-driven atmosphere but at the same time we do enjoy ourselves within a certain bounds so as to not interfere with content clears.

    We are currently recruiting because a large portion of our standard raid team decided not to return to WoW. Our progression has been hindered by the limited skill pool on-server; therefore we're also taking in transfer applications at this time.

    Reasons to Join Înfernum:

  • Competitive Play
  • Talented Players
  • Progressive Atmosphere
  • Maximized Progression on a Limited Schedule
  • Light-hearted Atmosphere Outside of Progression Content
  • Progression Oriented and Meritocracy Loot Council

  • What We Require In Recruits:

  • Schedule Compatibility and Attendance Rating > 90%
  • Maximized Output for your Class (TPS/DPS/HPS)
  • Knowledge of Every Aspect of your Class (Innovative Use of Mechanics)
  • Capacity to Play All Talent Specializations ( Guild > You)
  • Comprehension of Theorycrafting and Raid Strategy
  • Ability to Perform Under Pressure (This Kills Most Scrubs)
  • Quick Adaptation to New Stratagems or Fights (We Kill Before Tankspot/Learn2Raid)
  • Excellent Communications Mid-Fight
  • Ability to Maintain your Own Consumables
  • Selfless Attitude (Guild > You)
  • Learning New Mechanics Prior to Raiding (No Blind Dives)

  • Raid Schedule:

  • Friday/Saturday 9pm-1am EST with clean-up to be announced at raid's convenience.

  • Recruitment Information:

    We are currently recruiting 1 DPS and 1 healer.

    We require ilvl480+ and a minimum of 90k+DPS/65k+ HPS sustained in-raid

  • Discipline Priest
  • Mage
  • Fury Warrior
  • Frost DK

  • Recruitment Contacts: Soulsworn

  • Preferable method of contact is through in-game tells/whispers. It provides much more insight due to real-time conversation. Aka you cannot review something 10x then mail it to me. I like to put you on the spot.
  • Those interested should be prepared for an oral application via VoIP. Remember, this is the first impression we'll be getting of your as a person and a player. You should come prepared and fully capable of answering any questions about your past experience, qualifications, class, and the game in general.
  • Those few who make it through selection will be put on probation for their first month. You will be given the most challenging responsibilities for your role to test your capacity. If you are able to meet our standards you will earn full membership after your probationary period.
  • Free bumps ftw. However, you're entirely correct, SWTOR wasn't hard.... and neither is WoW.
    Ugh, SWTOR was so bad. And easy.

    Bump for other people who suffered through that flaming pile of garbage.
    SWTOR was a terrific 1-50 experience. The Imperial Agent storyline was fantastic.

    The game just falls apart at max level.
    Still recruiting. Few of our guys didn't want to come play panda-land with us so we had to fill their gaps. Can't say I blame them though.
    Still recruiting. Hurry up and join before I have to pay for more pro's to xfer to this server -.-
    I have updated the recruitment information.
    Updated recruitment information.
    Recruiting once again. Just can't seem to find who we need to finish the roster and get our progression back on track.

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