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Please drop the Wintergrasp win achievement from 100 to 25. This zone is unutterably broken and there is no way to actually "work" on this achievement. You are at the mercy of the RNG for a win when the zone randomly switches from Horde to Alliance back to Horde control.
Please, PLEASE, please fix this.
I am getting sad. I don't complain about much, but this is getting old :(

I have to agree with the dropping of the achievement requirement down to 25 because I have literally been jipped out of wins ever since this CRZ silliness started.

It's really hard to continue working on an achievement and dedicating the time and knowing you should get the win, but lo and behold, it goes to the other side.
Really? So even though I am in the relic chamber I get a loss? Or when defending and they don't break down the walls, I get a loss?

It's driving me bonkers!!! And yes, I know I could stop going there knowing about all the issues, but being the achievement chaser that I am, I have glimmers of hope that I might actually get the win I deserve.

Or we could just do away with CRZ altogether. Might be a nice homemade cake in it for you =)
Had a weird variation of it the last battle, it was Alliance controlled but I spawned in the fort. Alliance had more players than horde like usual and had 4 vehicles to take down the towers quick. At about 15 minutes left the battle ended and it said that Alliance took the fort. The battle was then over, even though no one ever breached a wall.

I flew around for a bit, and even though it said Alliance controlled and was counting down from 2 hours 11 mins, it then flipped the horde controlled.
I only play this game for wintergrasp I am 65 years old and this is all I do in wow. But it may be the time to give up wow as this looks like if will never get fixed.
thix needs to be addressed. bump
Just attempted to play. Horde had control.. clock down to 9 mins. faction control switched and and teammates and my demo got destroyed before taking down last tower. final result: The Alliance has successfully defended Wintergrasp Fortress!..

C'mon Blizzard,, do you actually know how dang frustrating this is?.. Its inhumane. I bet if an instance or raid was broken there would be air sirens and red lights flashing till it was fixed.
09/08/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Glorìficas
Have you heard of the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Whatever you trying to do with cross realm has broken your game, you should have left well enough alone.

Wintergrasp now stays neutral entire battle. In previous battle Horde on offensive, capping vault globe makes other faction win. Please fix this.
This is only 9/10 fixed, now everything looks good except when alliance zones into the fort that they own, the portal to Dalaran DOES NOT WORK.
Wintergrasp Siege engines, Demolishers and Catapults despawn going to Flamewatch tower. There is some kind of lag you cross an invisible border on the way. You also lose all your rank before you can get to a shop to make another vehicle. This is driving me crazy :(
I experienced a problem similar to Krystanna's where mid-battle, I lost all my rank so I could no longer make vehicles. You could not gain the rank back. We had no way of winning since we were attacking.
09/07/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Sapperwix
We're aware of this issue and are currently researching it.

You posted this almost 2 months ago and you don't even have the decency to give us an update on this issue? Smh....this may be the last straw for me....I'm tired of playing sucker! No Mists of Pandaria for me...and if this is not fixed soon, will be cancelling my subscription after 5 years and a horrendous amount of money spent on an inferior buggy product!
Still not fixed!!! well fellow Northrend/ Wintergrasp travelers; I have noticed 2 things. First is that when flying into WG the screen freezes for a sec; when it dismounts me. Second, if I stop imediately when it says I am in WG, and wait til the screen freezes; most often I dont get dismounted.
the 18th of February of 2013...still not fixed. Random siege weapons getting destroyed.
Just did WG on my warlock on Area 52 server. Got into the match with ~20min remaining. No recruit rank to begin with, killed over 20 NPC's at various locations on the map with no rank received at all for 20min. The 5 of us in there were all in the same basically wasted 20min to get 0 honor at the end. Wintergrasp has been bugged for quite some time Blizzard, please fix it.
Posted by SapperwixWe're aware of this issue and are currently researching it.

10/28/2012 08:09 AMPosted by Brigorian
09/07/2012 03:29 PM

are you kidding, over 25 months and no fix?
WG has been broken since the release of WotLK. There were early screenshots that showed flying in WG but that was removed and made WG non-flying. Used to be able to bomb garages but that was removed because it caused problems and the achievement was removed instead of becoming FOS. It used to be importent to man every launchers for defense but now one level 90 can solo defend. There have been many more changes I forgot.

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