[Bug] Touch of the grave breaks stealth

Bug Report
when touch of the grave procs due to a periodic damage effect such as rupture/garrote/deadly poison/crimson tempest , it pulls the user out of stealth. tested on training dummies
Touch of the grave also isn't working as advertised per the tooltip. Mine shows 3767-4377 and I also have +23.91% pvp power which should increase that to 4667-5423 when in battlegrounds.

My recount data from my last WSG shows 36 procs for damage 1300-3173, now that number could be lower for numerous reasons, most of which can be attributed to other players pvp res.

The numbers that bother me are the healing ones, I had 19 procs for 975-3130 and 10 procs that were counted as overheals (full health at proc) for 1698-3173.

So I have 36 dmg procs and 29 healing procs (why is that) and the max proc doesn't even reach the lower number on the original tooltip; not even counting the pvp power increase.

I've been reading the bugs lately and I have to say that there are an incredible amount of them this time, I hope that Blizz is able to fix most of these before the expansion actually hits.
Mine dosent even work. what i mean is when i play as my DK it never shows up where the buffs are displayed or even activated. but when i play my warrior the touch of the grave works for my warrior so idk wtf is wrong

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