[A] Cleave is recruiting for PVE & RBG's!

Cleave's Current Raid Progression: 4/6 MV 10m normal


Cleave is recruiting for Mist of Pandaria 10 man raiding. We formed our guild on April 16th of 2010, with the goal of creating a fair and organized raiding atmosphere. We will look at most class / spec applicants, but with a focus mainly on:

Main Group PVE: (8:00pm CST - 11:00pm CST Tue, Thur, & Mon)
-Shadow Priest

RBG (Weekends: Friday Nights, Saturday, & Sunday):
Geared people for 10v10 RBG's. No specific classes at this moment.

Our guild expects what all serious raiding guilds expect. A commitment to be able to make our raid times, flasks, food and potions.

Our guild's main group will raid on Tuesday, Thursday, & Monday from 8:00pm to 11pm Central Standard Time. Invites go out 10 minutes before start of raid.

You can contact Runihura or Shivaji if you have any further questions or are interested in joining.

Guild Website: http://cleave.enjin.com
WowProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/stormreaver/Cleave
Maxium hasn't played since the middle of FL progression. He got a job and did not have the time to raid and manage the guild.
Also, he likes balls.
bump for an update in classes. still need range dps like no other. if we do not get a couple more before launch day we will hit the ground running when we are running heroics at 90...
/bump for ranged DPS
Bump it up in here!!
Bump. We have just a couple of DPS spots left to complete group, would like to fill with competent people ASAP so we can begin raiding w/o pugs.
seriously we do not have any clothies in the raid as of this moment come loot scoop..
bump still seeking cloth DPS. we got some decent attempts on the stone guard with 2 pug DPS last night but no kill (47%). Plan to kill it thursday come get in the action w/ us.
Update: We killed Stone Guards last night (Oct 4)! We will have a link to our kill video soon.

Still looking for 2 caster dps for our raid group.
We have found our mage and shadow priest. So as of this moment we are currently not recruiting for our 10 man core group. If interested in our alt raid you can still apply.
bump for update in recruiting needs and progression status. we are looking to build a second group for the weekends if anyone is interested please talk to us ingame.
Bump for update in recruiting of a tank for our main group. One of our current tanks has had a change in his hours at work and isn't able to raid with us going forward.
Bump for a tank Mon, Tue, Thur!
Up still still seeking that tank. Would love to have one ready to go by next Tue raid or even sooner...

Pally tank would be ideal, but would take anything but a DK to be honest.
bump. found a tank for our main group. we are still seeking more people for our weekend RBG group if you are interested please contact me in game.

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