Post memories of our beloved Thestick. As he may be gone now, he will always be in our hearts.
It was a good run buddy... LOLOLOOSQUIDQWSARD
!@#$ is a hell of a drug, RIP my friend, rip.
i mean jokes aside he was a pain in the !@# but when a pure gaming hero like him leaves this world we have to put jokes aside (so to speak) and give our most sincere condolences to the parents of such an esteemed human being.
R.I.P (Return If Possible) Thestick
Lolsquidward, my eyes are still tearing up from all the great times we had together.
Thestick, such a beautiful soul. All he really wanted was to make us laugh. You did it buddy. You did it.
i cant read this without shedding a tear. thank you guys for all the great comments
Being the creator of Thestick, this is a really sad thing to read. He was a good man, always yelling in trade.

As a fellow troll, and !@# hole of the WoW community, I understand and respect what Thestick did. He was a true master of his art. Thestick never backed down, always rose to the occasion, and that is why he was such a great phenomenon. RIP Stick, RIP.

EDIT. LOLSQUIDWARD...lolsquidward
Inhalants are very dangerous, think twice - before sniffing.
You ruined what was supposed to be a living sentiment to our friend. Calling him the t word is just off limits, especially given the circumstances.
How come all the bad players are trolls?
This game has truly come to a sad place when only ONE out of so many fail trolls can actually strike loathing in the hearts of other players. Really wish you could seriously mess with people as much as you could back in Vanilla. That was the best, people hated my guild so hard cuz we we'd pull so many stunts on others just to get a laugh.

Nowadays ppl cry about TM's few players who have an ego or spam trade channel for sales or whatever. Big whoop de doo. Wish you could still kite world boss mobs in to destroy everyone in a city, or bring an explosive present back from a raid zone to blow ppl up hahahaha. I seriously do miss those days of ppl getting exploded while placing their AH items for sale. But nope, that's too mean to do to other players, especially your same faction. More like, too mean to do to a bunch of crybabies who can't take a little shenanigans and a 30 second death run back is just OH SO HARD, boo hooo.

What the hell is this doing in a thread that's supposed to be a farewell to a well-known player?

Like seriously, I personally think these things are kind of weird to do over the internet, but whatever. If you want to say goodbye do it. If you don't...don't. If you want to troll you'll probably get reported, and depending on whether Blizzard feels like doing work you'll get reprimanded for it (or not).

But don't come in to a thread and start to try to go off-topic. That's really bad form. Because now you're not an !@#$%^- for trolling, or just someone saying goodbye. You're just being blatantly inconsiderate, and you leave everyone scratching their heads thinking "Really?". IMO, it's worse than being a troll.

And for the record, no one really needs to respond to my post and continue derailing it.

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