Defilers quest and tabard are missing

Bug Report
I finally hit exalted rep with the Defilers, but the quest to take 5 bases does not appear, nor does the tabard show in the quartermaster's trade screen. What is going on??
I submitted a ticket for this very thing this evening as well.

Just hit exalted, went to start the quest chain and nothing.

Hope this gets fixed and we get a response soon.
09/01/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Honker
the quest to take 5 bases does not appear,

Did you do the 4 bases quest?
You have to do that before the 5 bases quest is offered.

09/01/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Honker
nor does the tabard show in the quartermaster's trade screen

The tabard can't be purchased.
It can only be obtained from the quest reward.
I also had the same problem and submitted a ticket, was really bummed as that grind was terrible

@Nobully Yes to having completed the 4 bases quest already as well
To clarify, the entire quest chain is missing.

I've earned this tabard on a different character previously which is why I felt right away something was wrong.
That is definitely concerning too, I really hope they didn't remove this from the game. Doesn't make any sense to really either, still the same amount of work you need to put in to get it
Yes, I completed the 4 base quest. I also did a few more Arathi Basin battlegrounds and too my rep up to 999/1000 exalted, still nothing. The only reason I ground this rep was to get the coolest tabard in the game, and one that you can't just buy.
Keep bumping this topic and make sure you submit a ticket, I'm sure it's an oversight with the patch and all and we just need to be patient...

Lol, right, patience after grinding that rep out.

Please fix Blues!
Ticket was submitted two days ago....
should note that whether you are 0/1000 exalted or 999/1000 exalted it makes no difference. this bastard will not give you the quest anymore.
An answer would be greatly appreciated even during the holiday weekend :)
Bump. 4 days since ticket was submitted. Also found a different quest bug when playing my alt (ticket submitted), so now I have both of my main toons idle. Very frustrating.
Received a response to my ticket, standard "report this issue as a bug" and gave no other explanation.

Re-submitted as a bug report and will continue to bump this topic.
still waiting on my ticket but that is good news, hopefully we get a hotfix for this!
No response to my ticket, but I anticipate the standard response so I also resubmitted the ticket as a bug report.
I'd like to know too. Always wanted that tabard.
Have an answer from Blizzard. Quote -


I got your ticket about Battle Tabard of the Defilers. I know how frustrating it can be to miss out on something like this. o.0

Looks like we have a bug on our hands here. >.< The thing is the quest was removed intentionally from my understanding. However that leaves you with no way to get the tabard. >.< I went ahead and made a bug report on this for you. You are welcome to add a seperate one in game if you like. QA will be checking this out and posting news on the fourms.

Thanks for letting us know!

Let us know if we can help with anything else.

Happy travels now!

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I am perfectly happy not to do the quest. I just want the tabard.

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