Defilers quest and tabard are missing

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Good to hear that we'll hopefully get some sort of formal response.
Though if the Tabard is removed, especially since I hit exalted on a 2nd character now I'll be rethinking my subscription unfortunately.
It doesn't look good right now...

GM response from EU servers regarding this

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Hey there Harvydent,

I'm sorry to see that you're a bit upset about this issue, I understand the previous responses weren't really giving you very clear answers.

I've had a look into this myself, and can see that there's been a bug report submitted about this. The quest has been removed, and so it's sadly not possible to pick it up at the moment.

There is no indication as to whether it will be reintroduced, so I'm afraid I can't give you any information about that. For the time being, you can't get this quest unfortunately.

I apologise for any inconvenience this causes, and hope this clears up the issue for you.

Game Master Anithreadith
English Game Master Team
Blizzard Europe]
I'm having the same problem only the gm I talked to told me it was just a bug and the quest hasn't been removed. I hope this is true. Either way I hope they don't make the tabard purchasable with honor like the warsong one because all that work to get it would be for nothing.
fingers crossed on that
Agree. The only reason I suffered through what felt like 4000 fights in Arathi Basin was to get this cool tabard. It is one of the very few remaining grinds in WoW that you can't just buy or blow through quickly with a lvl 85 toon.
This has to be a bug. This has to be a bug. This HAS to be a bug.

Surely they wouldn't intentionally remove the quest chain for the tabard without letting us know ahead of time?

I'll fly a toon out to Arathi later that hasn't done the first quest yet, to see if they can pick up anything... but from the sounds of it the quests are all gone now.
Well, personally I find this to be a garbage answer after waiting over five days. Also, if there is no reason behind it, then this carries even less weight.

Warm winds, Lenik

We received your ticket, and appreciate the effort you put in to let us know about your issue with obtaining the Battle Tabard of the Defilers. We get to each ticket as fast as we can, and don’t skimp on the quality of our service with each. We intend to pass along the same courtesy to you!

I took some time looking up some information regarding your issue, many leper gnomes did not survive the process. I will just get down to the core of it and try to get you the help you need.

This item is no longer obtainable in game as of the recent patch.

We enjoy helping our customers, as we are gamers as well, and understand how frustrating it can be to have an issue. I hope I was able to help you get back to your adventures. That should cover all of it, but please hit reply to this message if I missed anything. On that note I am off to battle the gnome infestation!

Your humble servant,

Game Master Aisibilandra
Customer Service
Blizzard Entertainment

Personally I will not be playing WoW anymore if this is the treatment that they consider good customer service. Complete garbage to wait over five days for this answer and feign any interest in caring about their long time subscription base.
Given these responses, I re-opened my ticket to hopefully get to the heart of this matter:

"Looking at the responses from different Blizzard gamemasters in the forum, it seems that removing the quest was intentional. Those of us who fought the Arathi Basin battleground over FIVE HUNDRED (500+) TIMES to achieve Exalted status are not very happy right now. If the quest will not be put back I have one question: Will those of us who reached Exalted repuation with The Defilers right when the new patch was implemented be given the Defilers tabard?"

This is what we all REALLY want to know...

Personally I will not be playing WoW anymore if this is the treatment that they consider good customer service. Complete garbage to wait over five days for this answer and feign any interest in caring about their long time subscription base.

It's barely feigned interest: it's a template with one sentence added to personalize it to your issue. Other people got responses with the same template:

There's no reason at all for them to remove the tabards and quests, and it wasn't in the patch notes, so there's no harm in remaining indignant and treating it like a bug to be fixed.
I haven't Hit exalted but id like to work on t. Supposedly there are some quests you can to In AB while PVPing but I haven't seen any. The quests just aren't there. Nothing but a say box.
Well that doesn't quite make sense to me partially as I earned exalted toward the achievement and still got the achievement post patch.

Wish someone would come out and say "This item is no longer available in game, please pony up 80k and buy it from the black market auction house as it is now a rare item. All your hard work is for naught cause if we mentioned we'd be removing this from game in the last few months leading up to 5.04 we'd be worried people wouldn't do this crucially hard long grind casually and might get their just reward before we snatched it away."

And though doubtful I'd really like to see a blue response.

At least with the removal of the ZA/ZG raid mounts there was a warning.
wtf blizzard thats retarded on your part
does anyone know anyone with this quest on another toon? i am pretty sure you could cross realm, real id share the quest.

can anyone confirm if this is possible?
I have kept this ticket open, and now have this response:

" I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk to you while you were online, but hopefully this helps.

I've double checked the bug you sent and it appears to be an issue our developers are aware of. I apologise for the confusion with the previous responses, as I was not told that it was being removed or if it was intentional @_@. Although I don't have any specifics as to the time frame, our team of developers is working on a solution. I have sent in a report to the QA and development team for clarification on the situation as well.

I don't know how long it will take for a clear cut answer, but I'm fighting for you here on this one. :D

Should you require any additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to us again!"

Maybe its just a bug and there is still hope. Even if the removal of the quest was intentional, I would think it would be a fairly simple matter for Blizzard to verify our exalted rep with Defilers and send us a tabard.
Assume it's a bug and remain patient. It also affects Alliance. Game Master confusion is understandable if it's a bug, and that confusion in itself implies a bug.

In the words of a great wizard, "There's always hope."
if anyone needs the quest on horde side, i was able to get someone else to share and i am willing to share as well.

hit me up and we can real id share!

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