Defilers quest and tabard are missing

Bug Report
How exactly does that work?
1618 is my id #, add it on the 'social' tab
09/14/2012 04:53 PMPosted by Lenik
1618 is my id #, add it on the 'social' tab

Lenik do you still happen to have the quest? If so id like to have it.
Yeah, seems this isn't the only thing that as been removed. The Cork Gizelton Caravan in Desolace is MIA as well. There are 5 cooking recipes that the vendors sell from his caravan, and are not available anywhere else. So if you are going for Iron Chef prior to MoP, and don't already know those recipes, you can't get it. I've submitted an in-game ticket and a post on the forums about it, and have got the same answer "We will look into it"

I have the quest for 5 bases as well. Hope to still be able to get the tabard.
NOt sure how to use the 1618 id#. I believe I need an email address to send a real ID invite unless I am missing something...
pls fix this, and many other bugs brought into the game since 5.0.4 BEFORE MoP or there'll be even MORE BUGS after MoP actually start.
Hey guys-

I unfortunately completed the quest after the very next AB (go figure) but on this thread there are people sharing it, its where i got it.

good luck and i really hope this gets added back in

I just got this response from a GM

'It seems like we're getting a few similar reports from players since the patch release. It seems the tabard was not removed from the game, but rather there is a temporary bug with the Take Five Bases quest. '

so it seems as if its still in the game. Just that its not showing up as a bug.
Hope they fix this soon.
bump, me want me tabard!
We're aware of this issue, adding this to the list of known issues.
yah we know it's an issue. we want to know if it's going to stay an issue.
So almost 2 months later.... whats going on with this?
Still not fixed last time I checked.
Is anyone able to check the honor vendors to see if they moved them there after the patch?

It took me years to hit exalted with the Defilers, I really want my cool tabard :(
If it's not fixed in 5.1 I'm going to cancel my subscription. I've been working on it too long to be for nothing other than failure to fix a minor bug.
09/21/2012 02:58 PMPosted by Sapperwix
We're aware of this issue, adding this to the list of known issues.

Everyone is aware of the issue. Politely...this has been going on since Cata. We would like some kind of reasoning/explanation. Pass it along, Blue. Thanks
I agree with xepa I completed the reputation a couple days after the 5.05 patch hit. Would really like my tabard
Hey just to put the info out there in case anyone is still wondering, but the Defiler's Quartermaster now sells the tabard once you hit exalted.

happy grind!

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