Account Wide Achievements, Armory Bug?

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Since the 5.0.4 patch went live, I've been experiencing a bit of an oddity on the armory and forums display of my achievement points. Since I keep my -home- character the main character that I play, it's sort of an issue to me.

The forums and armory page displaying my character is showing up with a total of 11,290 points, while my account has 12,660. Any of the alts that I look up or choose to display with, show this correct amount of points. And up til the patch, so did my main. I wouldn't believe it's an armory issue at first, since it seems to have no problems with keeping my titles/ gear set consistently updated upon logging in and changing something, with a quick log out/ log in to update the process. Is this able to be looked at and perhaps fixed?
Added to the known issues list. We will try to take a look asap.
I am have the same problem with mine.
It's still glitched out. I've tried clearing my cache, removing some armor and relogging to try and refresh for any purpose. I really hope it's not permanent, considering it is my home character.
Sorry if I wasn't clear before: this is a bug on the site. You're not doing anything wrong and clearing your cache or updating your profile (before we fix the bug) won't solve it. There is nothing wrong with your character at all, and nothing is permanent. The site just isn't totaling achievements properly. We will try and fix this as soon as possible.
thank you :)
I'm having the same issue, also.
Same problem here. It appears that the armory is only showing individual character achievements, not account-wide achievements — even those that were finished on a single character. The troublesome part is that my guildies' accounts are showing full credit for account-wide achievements.
Somewhat same problem, after a transfer my points are zero on the forums, armory is fine.
@infinitie Yeah, he's missing his 2300 for 3s, as well as his 2k, and 1750.

Even though he can't seem to hit anything higher then 1600 w/ legendaries ;)

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