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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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hehe ello :) ive done game rps but a friend sent me here and i thought this one be a good one to start with. Nice to meet you grish I liked both of your descriptions
09/04/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Ihealedyou
and on that note could I get some of those Peanut butter chocolate chips *puppy eyes*

Chocolate's bad for dogs *eats cookies slowly in front of you* . :P
NOOOOOOO! *weeps on the floor* I wanted the cookie *sorrowful puppy eyes* Gimme pwease!

Haha im havin fun with this XD
Id also like you all to check the books and stuff forum i have posted a thread named The book of Nient (my mains name) and hope you all read the first chapter and give me some insight. Sorry for posting it in this thread but I feel comfortable about your guyses judgement :)
hey lav can i have the cookie now im a human :D (Ihealedyou's main and main chaaracter in mah book XD)
Hmmm... *eyes human suspiciously*
Alright then *hands cookie over*.

By the way, I commented to your story.
Saw that just posted a reply thx for the advice lavy :)

PS: YAY COOKIE! *noms up the cookie
ok i appologize for it taking so lng but the IC is now up

Just some random information to know for your opening posts:

Heavy snow, Worgen are prowling the area around duskwood, (If you play as a worgen in this thread, the citizenry might initlay be hostile too you), BY the time you enter the tavern, Jermayan will be awake. He will be easy to spot as he wil most likely be the only on in battle gear, feel free to try and talk with him.

these are just some scattered thoughts i had before going to bed :)
The 411 of my char

Name: Jeramayan Winterfel

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Gender: Male

Personality: Jeramayan is an outgoing person, he like almost everyone he meets except for practioner of Fel Magic (Particularly Warlocks). While he will work with them for a time he will not make friends with them and never fully trust them. He follows the ways of the Paladin; however the light had not granted itself to him. He is very devoted to those who he considers friend, and even more so with those whom he fights with, those who he spills blood alongside of he considers brothers. He has a rigorous code of honor/ethics, this sometimes puts him at odds with people with loose morals. He has a wife Lily(30) and a son Jeremiah (3).

Physical Description: Jeramayan is 28 years old. He stands at 6’5” and is approximately 260lbs. Jeramayan has long muscular arms and legs capable of covering great distance at speed. His hair is short and cropped close to his head, its color is sandy blonde. His face is shaved clean and his eyes are an ocean blue that have dazzled many a woman. While he is large and intimidating due to an accident in his youth, Jeramayan’s mouth is always quirked into a smile.

Weapon(s): Jeramayan is equipped with His Late father’s long sword, inscribed upon its blade it reads Death Before Dishonor, This weapon dates back to the Second War and was blessed by priest of the light. (This does nothing that Jeramayans aware of, however when other people hold it they say it feels lighter than it should be, Jeramayan Denies it vigorously) He also carries with him I throwing knife that also acts as a skinning knife and a worn but regal shield witch he will use if the occasion calls for it, engraved in it are two white horses rearing at each other, though this is barely visible any more.
Armor: Jeramayan is equipped with a worn chest plate, and chain mail leggings. These were heirlooms that have been passed through the Winterfel line for multiple generations. Though they are worn, they are finely made, and have turned many a blade. ¬¬¬He wears his father’s faded tabard of Lordaeron as well as his father’s metal bracers and boots. On his head he will sometimes wear a bandana that his wife made for him which is emblazed with a beautiful white stallion in full gallop.

Additional stuff: He has a Snow White warhorse. Named Lily after his wife.

History: Jeramyan currently lives in Elwyn Forest. As a small Baby he and his family escaped the onslaught of the horde by fleeing to Lordaeron. His farther Jeremiah fought in the First, second, and third war, showing such valor in combat as to have Alonsus Faol himself Bless his weapon. However he fell defending his family from the onslaught of the scourge.

Prior to the outbreak of the third war, Jeramayan was accepted as a squire into the knights of the silver hand with aspirations to become a paladin, however, while he excelled in martial fighting and survival skill, he did not have enough faith to wield the light. After his Father’s death, He and his mother returned to what was left of their property in Elwyn forest to rebuild their shattered lives. On his return to Elwyn he met a Woman named Lily and fell in love, were married and had a child named Jeremiah, in honor of his father.

After Athas awakened he joined the Argent Crusade and battled the undead across the frozen tundra’s of northrend.

Reason for being here: His Family has been kindnapped and he want to save them
I'm only assuming that the worgen virus is still active; since the night elves and Gilneas worgen hadn't eradicated all of the other feral worgen, or at least made them unable to transfer the virus anymore.

WOOT WOOT! xD About times! Awesome starter post, Jeramayan! It's always amazing to kick a nice roleplay off with a great post like that.
Nice post, and yes the worgen are again active in duskwood, however they are only a symptom of the problem and not he problem themselves...... More to come on that later :)
Oh, no, I meant that they were still able to transfer the virus through a bite; that they're still contagious.

And thanks xD I always love a nice compliment. I eat them all up ^.^
I promise not all of my posts will be this long but since i was between classes i decieded to wright a bit

Edit: its curently early mourning in duskwood
Wrote that post on my phone.
Name: Cuson ( Coo-sone)

Race: Worgen(stays in human form almost all the time.)

Age: 19

Class: Mage

Description (No armor or weapons): Cuson is five foot three and has strait brown hair that stops at his ears but goes down to his neck in the back. He has pale white skin and his eyes have a small red glow to them in certain lighting. He wears a pair of thin rimmed half moon glasses that rest on the edge of his nose. He has a scar across his chest over onto his back that look like clawmarks, from the worgen that had turned him. He has a skinny frame but is more fit than most mages, most likely due to the curse and that he to train his body he constantly wears wieghted bracelets on his ankles and wrist which he can change the wieght of but they stay the same size with a spell.

Equipment (Weapons, Armor and everything else your character has): Cuson wears very light armor, if you could call it that. He wears a tan brown cloak which is slightly torn at the ends like it has seen some hard times, a pair of hiking boots, a white shirt and a pair of black cloth pants.

Brief History: Cuson was always called a prodigy in magic by the ones who didnt hate him. By most though he was known as the little devil or just monster. He was very talnted at magic at a young age but whenever he would get too emotional his magic would cause him to create mini explosion around him which sometimes ended up hurting a few people severly and almost toppled a building.During the exodus he got bit by a worhen and he went on a rampage his powers causing destruction in the woods where he took up resedance. Now he wants to use his powers to prove to everyone that he isnt a monster and redeem his name.

Why are you here?: He came to help because he had heard of the problems concerning worgen. He hates how his new brethren are seen as monsters just like he used to be. Now he wants to try and possibly reason with the worgen who can be but those who cant he inteds to put out of thier misery.
09/05/2012 03:57 PMPosted by Cuson
During the exodus he got bit by a worhen

Oh no! Not the war hen! xD
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I do like your character, however the whole "unintentionally causes horrible destruction" bit is a bit over-powered in my opinion.
Luckily for you, my opinion means nothing xP .

Good job! Nice application xD

Edit: Also, because he's short, he's automatically fricken adorable in my eyes xD. *huggles the new worgen* AWE, CUTE PUPPY!!!
*needs to feel the love too*

Good submission and i like the small stature of you worgen didn't think of it that way.


EDIT: Lavy love how u called duskwood darkwood xD
we have so many fricken worgen in this thread its ridiucluous! By any chance do you have a non worgen char?
i have a human paladin named nient
Did I call it Darkwood? xD Damn xD That's why the spelling mistake came up on my spell check xP I'd "ignore all" Duskwood, so when I typed "Darkwood", it came up as a mistake. xD
I always get Darkshore and Duskwood mixed up; I'll fix it later.

Blah... I have muse to write with... but I'm too tired to actually think coherently. >.> .There was a time in the summer where I didn't get tired until 3am. Now look at me! 10:00pm and I'm exhausted. WHAT HAPPENED!? T-T .

It's probably because I'm waking up at a reasonable time now.

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