An old WOW veteran looking for a guild.

I haven't been in a guild in a very long time. reason why is because I moved in RL and took time off from the game. then rl happened and didn't have time for it. I only had time for the game when i was sent free trials. Now that i have time between my part time job and part time college classes i would like to do some casual raiding. I do miss it. I do have more than one character than just my priest. I know my gear is not the best but that's what happens when you don't raid or go through dungeons.

not only do i have Skye, but I do have an 85 hunter Reveka, I have an 80 mage named Wickedway, and i am currently working on my druid i am on her the most Wickednite. So if you are interested or want to talk to me message me on my druid

I have made another post like this on my hunter. I had a few guilds that were interested in me, i tried adding them but havent heard from them. If you are you can me on my druid wickednite. i am on her the most. Send me in game mail, i will respond. I would love to help out a guild. I may be quiet at first i just need time to open up. But I will bring my priest, hunter, mage and druid. but whatever is needed for a raid i will help out when possible. I am that much of a team player.

I am just looking for a laid back fun guild that knows my real life comes first. I am a part time student, part time job and i just got married so husband does come first since he doesn't play the game. He just calls me his wow gamer girl. I have been playing for 6yrs 3 of those years were non stop dedicated til i actually found a life lol. so don't be afraid to talk to me.
I'm forming raid teams now for MoP. We currently have 9 active raid teams varying in raid styles and will have a few casual rad teams in MoP. We have 1 25 man, 8 10 mans. This is a large and active guild so if you don't like large guilds, steer clear. Otherwise check us out some on our website at We are adding 3-4 25 mans, and 2-3 additional 10 mans in MoP. Look me up ingame if interested.
Pandoras Renaissance

Seeking players to fill our 10 man MoP team and Challenge teams.

Server: Stormrage
Raid Group: 10 Man progression, 5 man Challenge teams
Raid Schedule: Tues-Thurs 7:30pm-11:00pm
Contact: RealID:

Apply or contact me in game for more information.

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