How do I change from 64bit to 32 bit ?

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My system is 64bit but I get better performance out of using 32 bit, when using WOW. I would like to know how I can get the 32bit version of WOW. The downloader put 64bit on my computer without giving me a chance to pick what I wanted. Thanks
When your launcher screen opens, click on options in the upper left corner. Choose preferences in the drop down menu and check the box to launch the 32 bit client.
If you go to your World of Warcraft folder (most likely in C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft) there are three .exe's to look for. Launcher.exe will open your standard WoW Launcher, WoW.exe is your 32-bit client, and Wow-64.exe is the 64-bit client. If the above doesn't seem to work for you, open wow.exe directly. My client still runs in 64-bit even with 'Run 32-bit client' checked.

Another that helped my client run smoother even in 64-bit was running with Directx9 instead of 11. To do this go as far as the login screen, on the right you will see options. First one should say 'System', click it and go to the 'Advanced' tab (second from top on left column). The left side of this page at the bottom will have your graphics api option. Change this to Dx9 and restart your client. Things should run a bit better with less crashing.

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